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Welcome - it's 2022 and it is Time For Some Updates

Interested in Medicare For All? See the top of our updated Medicare For All page.

Bernie at Gay Pride

Update: Bernie Sanders says he is "not ruling out" a third run for president if Biden doesn't run

We would love for Bernie Sanders to run for President in 2024, but that seems unlikely as it is his time to renew his Senate seat. We hope Bernie announces his replacement candidate soon. Until then we have this. Before Bernie announced his candidacy in 2018, I pondered who would be a good candidate for 2020. The video below was an idea, and it is still worth seeing, listening to, and being inspired by the idea of a good and honest U.S. president -- something none of us have known throughout our lifetimes. (A note here. I did not see the controversial twit-thing; Bette Midler is known for saying and performing provocative thoughts and whatever it was may have been just that: something to provoke further thought. I am sure she knows that not every mother can breastfeed a child.)

There are many pressing matters in the world right now. In the forefront is Climate Change. I call it pollution. Solutions have been proposed; nothing signifigant is happening. Here is the best little video on climate change I've seen. Not a fan of PACs but I trust Jane Fonda. Something has to be done, real something, not promises. Remember the Sunrise Movement simply melded into Joe Biden. Maybe those kids didn't know that Joe Biden is a life-long, lying, arrogant, girl-hair-sniffing, decomposing sack-of-excrement, but that was no excuse.

Bernie Sanders: Our Prometheus

Bernie Sanders: Our Prometheus

If anything good comes out of this Congress it will be because of Bernie Sanders. Bernie is now the Chairperson of the Senate Budget Committee. More to say on this later. I do not know who to credit for the video below, but I am certain it was intended to be shared.

Honeymoon is over for Sniffy Joe

Sniffy Joe Pinokinose Biden rides in the back. He is now awaiting repurposing.
Sniffy Joe Pinokinose Biden rides in the back. He is now awaiting repurposing. (2022 - considering supergluing him to a trash bin)

A bit of good news has come to us in the midst of Joe Biden’s generally abysmal cabinet nominees. According to a report by Vanessa A. Bee at The Intercept Marcia Fudge was an inappropriate pick for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. But Marica Fudge knows she was funneled through a political tunnel to satisfy some lobby or favor owed. Nevertheless we trust Marica Fudge to get up to speed for the job and possibly do something, which has not been the case for decades. The Obama administation produced a report and not much else. Housing For All and Broadband For All are part of the Green New Deal and we need these as much as another windmill field.

But here’s the Good News: Nina Turner will run for Congress in Ohio's district 11 in November 2022. If you would like to donate to the cause and are able to do so, the link is
And now the Bad News: Nina Turner was betrayed by the Democratic Committe and her opponent was bought and paid for by oil and insurance industries.

Former Bernie Sanders National Co-Chair Nina Turner to Seek Congressional Seat Vacated by Marcia Fudge

Nina Turner for Congress - original Bernie-Nina graphic intended for Bernie and Nina as President and VP respectively.
Nina Turner for Congress - original Bernie-Nina graphic intended for Bernie and Nina as President and VP respectively.

CLEVELAND ~ Nina Turner daughter of Cleveland and public servant with extensive political career, today announced that she will seek the 11th Congressional District seat vacated by U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge. Fudge was tapped by President-elect Biden to serve as secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Nina announced her candidacy during a December 15th Zoom call with supporters including actor and Bernie Sanders surrogate, Danny Glover; Newburgh-Heights Mayor Trevor Elkins; Akron City Councilwoman Tara Samples; Ohio State Senator Kenny Yuko; former Ohio State Senator Eric Kearney; and many others.

Nina Turner’s statement as candidate for Representative of Ohio’s 11th Congressional District:

“Most people know the persona, but I want to introduce and reintroduce the person. I am a wife, a mother, a sister, an aunt and friend. My career in public service is varied, having served in local and state government and also in higher education. My views are informed by my own experience and that of people I love. What I want the people of Akron and Cleveland to know is that I know what it means to be counted out. I am running to ensure the people of Akron and Cleveland are counted in. Like most parts of the country, Ohio has faced tough times. The pandemic has only made things worse. Now more than ever, Ohioans need an ally, a champion, and a friend – someone who will wake up everyday with a determination to right wrongs and promote a progressive agenda.”

Ohio State Senator, Sandra Williams:

“I have known Senator Turner personally and professionally. I know her character and her heart. She is an unrelenting advocate who has represented the Greater Cleveland area well. She has fought for justice at the local and national level, never forgetting her humble beginnings or her responsibility to the people of Cuyahoga County. I know our community will be well served with her in Congress.”

Former Ohio State Senator Erie Kearney:

“Nina Turner combines intellect with passion, and that combination will make her an excellent Congressperson. She will research every detail and then make an informed decision. She is emotive and inclusive of people who have struggled, have been treated unfairly and have been counted out. I know she will serve the Akron and Cleveland areas well.”

Ohio State Senator Kenny Yuko:

“During the fight against SB 5, Senator Turner and I battled in the trenches with our Democratic colleagues and our union brothers and sisters to protect the rights of working Ohioans. I have seen firsthand her passion and her dedication to the people she represents. I know she will do us proud as a member of the United States Congress.”

Senator Bernie Sanders:

“We need voices like hers in the U.S. Congress.”

Killer Mike:

“I’m gonna be out on the road helping Nina get that Congressional seat.”

Elijah Manley:

“We’re going to go all in for mama Nina! Best believe!”

Mike Siegal:

“I would love to see Nina Turner in Congress. She would fight so hard for us. For poor people. For people left behind by this cruel system and society. The United States is still in crisis, even with Trump leaving office. We need people with heart in the halls of power.”

Yvette Simpson:

“It’s hard to overstate what it would mean to have, not just a progressive champion, but a powerful, experienced, progressive movement leaders like Nina Turner in the U.S. House. Democracy for America is excited to endorse Nina Turner in the coming special election in Ohio’s 11th Congressional District because we know that in Congress she’ll continue to be who she’s always been – a loyal friend, an unyielding progressive ally. and our sister in our shared struggle for progress, justice, and equality.”

Georgia Run-off

So, the Greater Evil lost the election. Now we’re stuck with the Lesser Evil and the Election isn’t completely over yet. There are appointments to be made – Ro Khanna to the Senate and his replacement in the House. And the two January 5, 2021 Georgia Senate run-offs. Hopefully this is important to Georgian voters because it sure is important to everyone else. Both Democrats are running against criminal-class Republicans.

Voters in Georgia can vote in this primary even if they did not vote in the November 3rd election. Anyone living in Georgia who will be 18 years of age on or before January 5th are eligible to vote in this run-off election. Early voting begins December 14th 2020 and goes on right up to the election date.

Here’s Ossoff blasting Purdue on his time as an elected official for Georgia:
Purdue refused to debate Ossoff a second time.

Warnock and Ossoff won their Senate elections in Georgia. Now we get to see how corrupt the system is, what liars and cheats both Biden and Harris are.

Welcome to Coyote News

I have been writing about the 2020 Election since 2018. At the point where I knew I’d be writing much more about the election and the candidates, and trying to help people navigate the process, I started this website. I volunteered and street canvassed for Bernie Sanders. I spent more on that than I did in actual donations - printing cards and flyers, handing them out to anyone and everyone who’d take them. All during the campaign I did not ask for donations; I did not want to divert one penny from Bernie’s campaign.

Bernie delivers his First 100 Day Agenda

Late October Update from Bernie Sanders with Krystal Ball
link to this Rising interview on youtube