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Welcome to Coyote News

I have been writing about the 2020 Election since 2018. At the point where I knew I’d be writing much more about the election and the candidates, and trying to help people navigate the process, I started this website. I volunteered and street canvassed for Bernie Sanders. I spent more on that than I did in actual donations - printing cards and flyers, handing them out to anyone and everyone who’d take them. All during the campaign I did not ask for donations; I did not want to divert one penny from Bernie’s campaign.

Now I am on a mission to let people know they can write in Bernie on their November ballot (mail-in and early voting October). This is going to be a swiftly accelerating mission and now I am asking for help, your help, in any way you are able. Donations are appreciated; they will help with printing cards and flyers, mailing, website fees, and travel to help with GOTV. Spread the word. Ask for hi-res graphics if you can use them.

Thank you.

You wanted Bernie - WRITE HIM IN!
Write-in allowed in 43 states