When this website started its only intention was to get people interested in voting. It was obvious that a lot of people simply were not interested in voting last time, in 2016. After Bernie was not the nominee in 2016, I lost all interest in the election. That was in July 2016. Now, I ask people if they vote; most are embarrassed, shrug, they did not vote. I say, “but you will this time,” and they indicate they will. I give them a card with their state’s info.

I settled on Bernie Sanders early in the primary campaign. I want to help people make this decision too, for themselves. This site is all about Bernie Sanders and the issues that concern nearly everyone in the country and around the planet. Bernie has supporters all over the world and they voice their support on social media and even volunteer from everywhere.

We made a new menu entry in the main menu because there were so many items in the list that it would scroll off the screen. All the URLs for existing pages remain the same, only now they can be accessed from the new menu instead of from the general Election2020 section.