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Universal Basic Income is not a new idea. When we hear that a presidential candidate wants to give us a one-thousand dollar check every month, it draws our attention, but it is naive to think that this would take effect in January 2021. Calling Universal Basic Income a “Freedom Dividend” is as close to an original idea Andrew Yang has. Listening to Andrew Yang, we realize that he is echoing others whenever he talks about Universal Basic Income. We still think a Universal Basic Income is a good idea, but not, definitely not, the way Andrew Yang proposes it. See our Universal Basic Income analysis for details.

Andrew Yang at The Breakfast Club clips

Furthermore, Andrew Yang does not believe U.S. citizens need a minimum wage increase. He believes that a wage of $7.25 per hour plus $1000.00 a month is better – better for business, not people which is what appeals to corporations and many politicians. Here’s the screenshot:

screenshot: Andrew Yang toot/tweet on keeping minimum wage low
screenshot: Andrew Yang’s toot/tweet on keeping minimum wage low.

Yang believes that better food and nutrition would negate the need for Medicare For All. We agree there is some truth to that, but it won’t cure most pre-existing conditions that are a major concern for many.

Where does Andrew Yang come from? He left a start-up he founded called Venture For America. Venture For America1 was modelled on an ineffective operation called Teach For America. It failed in its mission to create 100,000 jobs, creating 4,000 instead. The idea was to have new college graduates teach others in forming start-ups.

It seems the ideas Yang is putting out are formed to attract business support, to make a "Freedom Dividend" sound easy and cheap. None of them original.

The situation with Andrew Yang is worse than we originally thought. He says there are people waiting for him in Washington, DC. No doubt there are. There are people, politicians and lobbyists, who have long wanted to repeal Social Security, food stamps, and Obamacare. Yang represents their chance to begin that process. Yang's OPT-IN cuts off Social Security and other social benefits.

Now Yang call his freedom dividend a data dividend, an idea he got from James Felton Keith. No matter. Don’t forget the value-added tax (for which there is no added value) and raising the president’s salary 10X and keeping minimum wage at $7.25 (or lowering it to $7.25).

What candidate is the opposite of Donald Trump?

Who Check
An Asian man who likes math, but is not very good at it. NO
A woman who likes science and is very good at math, but is often perceived as a twentieth-century professor. MAYBE
A Jewish man who has experience, has thought through all his ideas and has detailed them, has integrity, has planned for twenty-first century planetary survival and for the benefit of humans like you. YES

  1. references: Diane Ravitch and Vox.  ↩