Bernie Explains Everything

Political speech is public domain which is why I can put all this audio of debates, rallys, and speeches on this site. This one is a little different. It’s someone else’s videocast.1 It is on youtube and here is the link:

Bernie Sanders with Joe Rogan on youtube

Since this website has been largely about putting audio files online - because I think that is a convenience for people, they can listen without having to pay attention to a visual, can listen while doing other things. And this website is becoming something of a “permanent record” of the 2020 election and Bernie Sanders’ rise to the presidency of the United States or the Re-United States that will take place when Bernie is president - this is probably a gray area - I am going to go forth in the light that this is political speech with credit to Joe Rogan for producing the original.

Another thing about this talk is that this is one of Bernie’s most recommended discussions, the one talk of Bernie’s that is often recommended for people who don’t yet know Bernie’s ideas, and for people who do know to share with others who are not yet convinced that Bernie is the One. So here it is, one hour of Joe Rogan and Bernie Sanders - Bernie Explains Everything.

Bernie Sanders explains everything with Joe Rogan

  1. I thought it was also an audio podcast, but a search for it did not turn up anything related. I think it used to be a podcast.  ↩