Bernie in Waterloo Iowa

A few days after Bernie was in Marshalltown, Bernie was invited to speak with a group in Waterloo, Iowa.

This talk was a little different from the others. Here, Bernie gave the audience some details about Medicare For All:

  • First $29,000 of income is exempt from any increase in tax for Medicare For All.
  • Bernie gave an example of a $60,000 annual income: Medicare For All will cost $1,200 per year. That is $100 per month (not a typo). Compare that with whatever health coverage costs you now. No deductibles, no co-pays. Comprehensive health coverage.
  • Prescription drug costs are capped at $200 annually. Even that, if I am reading the Senate Bill correctly, may be under specific cases such as if someone chooses a brand name drug when a generic is available.

Several people spoke before Bernie, but we begin with Bernie’s introduction by Pastor Marvin Jenkins. Listen:

Bernie Sanders in Waterloo Iowa.