Bernie Sanders Coronavirus Legislative Update

Bernie, possibly on his dinner break from the Senate, took time to update us on the Coronavirus III Bill.

Bernie Sanders Coronavirus Legislative Update - 03252020

I listened to some of the Senate speeches earlier in the day. On the Senate floor they were arguing over giving people an extra amount over standard unemployment (which is never full pay to begin with) - extrapolating the short term benefit into an annual income and ignoring that there is a provision for small businesses to Keep people on payroll through the pandemic with government zero-interest loan that becomes a grant at the end of the program. This went on into the night; republican after republican arguing that giving people money would be a disincentive to work.

A Texas Senator claimed his state is doing its part - distilleries are stepping up to fill the void - making hand sanitizer instead of booze. An Oklahoma Senator said “our help comes from the lord, not from members in this room.” Another republican senator claimed a democrat Senator's math is wrong. Then, when a democrat Senator presents math (basic arithmetic), the republican says they shouldn't be arguing about math.

How desperate the republicans are to keep workers working for them, and their lobbyists’ businesses, while the CEOs are paid seven-figure salaries.

Here is Bernie’s speech in the Senate later in the evening, immediately followed by the response from a Senator from Nebraska:

Bernie Sanders on the Senate floor March 25, 2020

After all the speeches, a the last minute, Mitch McConnell brought up an amendment - something about eliminating an excise tax. It did not pass. The vote was 48 to 48. When that was over, the vote on the bill, a bill no one liked entirely, but everyone agreed it was the best they could do for now. The third Coronavirus bill passed the Senate a few minutes before midnight, March 25, 2020.

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