Why Medicare For All

Bernie and Veteran John Weigel

John Weigel, a Navy Air Force veteran with Huntington’s disease came to one of Bernie’s Town Halls and said his Veteran’s insurance had been cut off. He did not have an income nor the money to pay the bill he had received so far and could barely take care of himself at that point. He said he was going to kill himself. Bernie worked it out so that John’s coverage was reinstated. John returned to another Town Hall to thank Bernie. Here is a clip of that encounter:

Here is another clip of John and Bernie. This one is a composite that goes back and forth between the reconnecting encounter and the original encounter:

Several people tell of their experience without health insurance in this video.

John Tarr spent time in intensive care. He will keep fighting for Medicare For All.

Rob Delany is an American comedian living in England. He explains the difference between living under no-health-care in the U.S. and living with National Health Service in England.

In addition to these testimonials, some of Bernie’s Town Halls were focused on Medicare For All. Examples:

Bernie in Waterloo Iowa

Health Care Affordability Town Hall

Plus endorsements listed on What is Medicare For All

Bernie speaking to an audience of AARP members in Des Moines Iowa. Follow up by listening to the full session here Bernie at AARP.

Bernie at AARP