Rally in Detroit

In introducing Rashida Tliab there was mention of the BOOST Act which we had written about and followed up on a reader question regarding filing a tax return: should someone who does not have enough income to be required to file a tax return, file a tax return to qualify for the BOOST Act provision. The answer seems to be Yes, file an income tax return for 2019 in the event the resolution passes and is retroactive (it may be retroactive and this is mentioned in the bill itself, perhaps even more than one year, so file a return even if you don’t have to) but also read up on the two links in this paragraph.

Rally in Detroit with Rashida Tlaib

Bernie Sanders had some of the longest cheers coming on stage - and loudest, which he mentions as well.

John Conyers’ passing on the day of the rally was mentioned by both Rashida Tlaib and Bernie Sanders. John Conyers worked on the original Medicare For All bill with Bernie in 2009. They were good friends and had worked together in Congress since 1990.

Bernie Sanders Rally in Detroit - introduced by Rashida Tlaib with some of the longest and loudest cheers.