Rally in Venice CA

Another big rally for Bernie Sanders, this time in Venice, CA. The intro section included live musical acts Young The Giant, Local Natives, and Jesse & Joy, and city council members, Center for Political Democracy, actor Tim Robbins, and author Cornell West. The live music is not included here, but we begin with some of the recorded music (before this, during mic check, was Tracy Chapman, Talking About a Revolution and Reggae.

Tracey Chapman: Talking About A Revolution

Added the above clip from the rally, a personal favorite - Tracey Chapman singing Talking About A Revolution. Sorry the song was cut off during mic check, but if it wasn’t I probably would not be able to include the clip. Go stream it.

Bernie Sanders Rally in Venice California - the Intros

Cornell West introduces Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the start of this file. AOC introduces Bernie Sanders. Bernie introduces Jane O’Meara Sanders, his wife and future First Lady, who speaks briefly about the campaign.

Bernie Sanders and AOC - Rally in Venice California