Health Care Affordability

Bernie talks about health care and Medicare For All in every talk he gives, but this one in particular gets into some details so that anyone who does not yet know or understand what Medicare For All is or is about will understand after listening to this Town Hall. It was given in Dover NH on December 27 2019. Introductions were by Thomas, social work student; Andy Zolinsky, current Executive Counselor in New Hampshire and running for Governor of New Hampshire in 2020, and Zepher Teachout, activist, lawyer, author, and friend of Bernie.

Bernie Sanders Town Hall in Dover NH on Health Care Affordability

This Town Hall had a lot of clicks and uneven audio. I filtered much of the noise; there are still some clicks which I believe were from a defect in the mic and they may not have been detectable during the original recording. If the clicks had been detected during the recording, Bernie would have been given a different mic (there were two or three roving mics for the audience), I hope.