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Bernie Sanders 2020 State of the Union Response

Bernie Sanders 2020 State of the Union Response

Bernie Announces Rally in Queens NY

Bernie Sanders announcement at the 4th DNC Debate

Bernie Sanders Has You Covered

No candidate is more deserving of the nomination for president than Bernie Sanders. He knows the system inside and out. He is the number one advocate for people.

Bernie Sanders 2019 State of the Union Response

Bernie responds to the State of the Union, 2019

He has seen how the big bucks have bought1 the U.S. government. Bernie won’t let that continue to happen. Bernie Sanders has you covered.

Were not for extreme greed we would not need Medicare For All. But we do and Bernie’s plan is the one to go for. Bernie Sanders has you covered.

Had H.R.109 received any consideration in Congress we would not need Bernie’s new audacious program for the restructuring of America. But we do. I call it the Be Green Deal. Bernie Sanders has you covered.

Here is Bernie Sanders in his second term as mayor of Burlington:

Bernie Sanders welcomes Allen Ginsberg to Burlington, Vermont in 1983
A Hero’s Welcome: Bernie Sanders welcomes Allen Ginsberg to Burlington, Vermont in 1983. Three months later the magazine published a special section on Bernie Sanders (excerpt from June 1983 New Age Journal).

Bernie Sanders at his desk and excerpts from 1983. A Hero’s Welcome: Bernie Sanders welcomes Allen Ginsberg to Burlington, Vermont in 1983.

“How far can you go in addressing national and international issues?” Allen asks. “Aren’t these issues beyond local government?”

“People are always asking us that question,” says the mayor. “I say that it must start with people at home. Right now we’re putting together a Peace Budget to show that spending money on the military, for example, means higher taxes. The tail of an airplane could runa school for five years.”

The mayor is sitting behind his desk in City Hall, a bespectacled man with iron-gray hair, blue shirt sleeves rolled up on his forearms. He is unassuming and get-down-to-work; he makes everyone feel immediately at ease. It turns out that Sanders has not only asked to meet Allen, he plans to introduce him at the reading at the university tonight.

Allen presents the mayor with the text of the Nicaraguan manifesto. “This city voted three to one against military aid to El Salavador,” Sanders responds. “This city voted for peace.”

A hero’s welcome from Mayor Bernie Sanders

The mayor’s introduction is a moving tribute: “To make a community feel good takes a lot more than bricks and mortar,” he says. “The real heroes of our time are the people who take us beyond ourselves. In welcoming Allen Ginsberg, we welcome one of the heroes of our time.”

Listen to Bernie Sanders at AARP Des Moines, 2019

Bernie Sanders at AARP Des Moines, 2019.

Listen to Bernie and supporters at Scrap The Cap rally

Where "owners vs. workers" is mentioned, they are talking about capital gains income vs. income from employment. This is part of the three caps I referred to on the Universal Basic Income page. Capital gains income, historically, has not incurred the Social Security tax.

Bernie and supporters at Scrap The Cap rally.

Listen to Bernie Sanders at UTLA on education reform, 2019

Bernie Sanders at UTLA talking about education reform, 2019.

Listen to Bernie Sanders on Estate Taxes

Bernie Sanders on Estate Taxes.

Listen to Bernie Sanders in conversation with Rev. William Barber

Repaired audio: Bernie Sanders in conversation with Reverend William Barber.

Let me say a word about myself, unusual as it may seem. I am the son of an immigrant, young man of 17 who came to this country without a nickel in his pocket. I have some sense of the immigrant experience. I will stand with the eleven-million undocumented immigrants in the country. At the age of 21, as a member of the civil rights movement at the University of Chicago, I was arrested; spent the night in jail. I have been against all forms of discrimination, racial discrimination, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and religious bigotry. I will lead an administration that will look like America. I will end the divisiveness brought by Trump and bring us together. During this campaign I am proud to say that I have received more campaign contributions than any candidate at this point in an election in American history - over four-million contributions - (cheers and hoots from the crowd) - averaging eighteen dollars apiece. If you want to be part of a movement, that is not only going to beat Trump, but transform America, that doesn’t have a super pac, doesn’t do fundraisers at wealthy people’s homes, please join us at (more cheers) Thank you.
- Bernie Sanders, Debate 5 closing statement.

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A note about the audio with Bernie Sanders and Rev. William Barber: Bernie Sanders has a podcast, which we recently discovered. All of the episodes I’ve listened to have uneven audio levels. The episode with Rev. Barber was the first in the series and it is from March 2017. Rev. Barber works for equal justice. I’ve heard him talk before. He basically called Trump "snot" though he did not use that word. I downloaded that episode in Bernie’s podcast. It was inaudible. There was some electronic buzz and I guess Bernie’s crew simply turned down the volume and uploaded it. I wanted to hear what Rev. Barber had to say. In short, I re-processed the file and the above is the result. There is some buzzing, much reduced, in the beginning of the file, but it is listenable throughout and the buzzing goes away two minutes in. This conversation was about voter surpression.