Bernie in Burlington Iowa

Bernie wanted to visit the Burlington in Iowa when he heard about it. An interesting thing happened at this Town Hall. There was a heckler. Bernie was taking questions and generally interacting with the crowd. One man said he was for Trump and started yelling. It sounded like security was going to remove the man, but Bernie said Let Him Speak. They did take the mic from the man. Bernie let him finish, said everyone gets to say what they want. The man started to speak again and Bernie told him he had his chance. I guess the man left after that. Compare Bernie’s response to Biden’s or Buttigieg’s recent blow off responses (if you listen to any of it). Bernie is the one wholesome, fair, an honest candidate for president. Be sure to register in time in your area to vote in your state’s primary or caucus.

Burlington Iowa and Burlington Vermont have a few things in common. One of them is that they both have Minor League Baseball teams. It happens that the Commissioner of Baseball has threatened to eliminate the 42 existing Minor League Baseball teams around the country. The threat violates a promise made not to mess with the Minor League Baseball teams, and pay the players better as well. After listening to the Burlington Town Hall audio below, there is a pdf of the letter Bernie wrote to the Commissioner or Baseball. You might be surprised to learn that the Federal Government funds the building of the large sports stadiums which are branded with corporate names.

Bernie Sanders in Burlington Iowa

Download Bernie’s Letter to the Commissioner of Baseball- PDF

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