Debates TownHalls Forums List

Debates, Forums, and Town Hall Events List

This is the list includes 2019 Debates, Forums, & Town Halls and 2020 Debates.

Forums and Debates 2019
Date Format Title Place Notes
June 26–27 DNC Debate First DNC Debate Miami/MSNBC First Debate - notes
July 11–13 Forum Netroots Nation Philidelphia PA
July 15–20 Forum AARP various IA Bernie Speaks at AARP
July 24 Forum Presidential Candidates Detroit MI NAACP
July 30–31 Debate Second DNC Debate Detroit MI/CNN Debate notes
August 3 Forum Public Service Las Vegas NV
August 10 Forum Gun Sense Des Moines IA gun safety
August 16–17 Forum Des Moines Register Political Soapbox State Fair IA Buttigieg says dish and hand soap are same.
August 19–20 Forum Four Directions Sioux City IA Native Americans Forum
September 4 Town Hall Climate Crisis NYC/CNN global warming - notes coming
September 8 Forum Progressive Democratic CA/AAPI Asian Americans
September 12 Debate Third DNC Debate TX/ABC Debate Three Notes
September 20 Forum LGBTQ Issues IA/GLAAD/OneIowa GLAAD OneIowa Forum
September 21 Forum People’s Presidential IA/ICCIA community improvement/health/green/education
October 2 Forum Giffords/March For Our Lives Las Vegas NV gun safety
October 10 Forum LGBTQ UCLA,HRC,CNN/CA Human Rights Campaign/UCLA
October 13 Forum People’s Presidential UNH/NH students
October 15 Debate Fourth DNC Debate CNN,NYT/OH Debate Four
November 16 Forum People’s Presidential UNIVISION/CA  
November 20 Debate Fifth DNC Debate MSNBC,WP/GA Debate Five
December 19 Debate Sixth DNC Debate UCLA/CA Debate Six

Debates 2020
Date Format Title Place Notes
January 14 DNC Debate Seventh DNC Debate Des Moines/CNN/DMR Seventh Debate
February 07 DNC Debate Eighth DNC Debate Manchester/ABC/WBUR Eighth Debate
February 19 DNC Debate Ninth DNC Debate Las Vegas/NBC/NVI  
February 25 DNC Debate Tenth DNC Debate Charleston/CBS/CBC  
March 15 DNC Debate Eleventh DNC Debate Phoenix/CNN/Univision