Debate Seven

Between Debate Six and Debate Seven

Between Debate Six and Debate Seven three candidates dropped out from the presidential competition. Marianne Williamson dismissed all of her campaign staff on New Year’s Eve. She stated that she was not dropping out, but staying in the race with volunteers and yoga mats. In any case, on January 02, 2020, she did give up. Then there was Julián Castro who dropped out the next day. Castro was the weakest candidate (when there were 10 candidates on stage), so I don’t think he will be missed. However he was determined to keep his name in lights, dim though they became, when, shortly after, he subsequently endorsed Eliz-hiss-abeth Warren, and her polling plummeted. I do not think anyone who worked in the Obama administration in any capacity has any business running for president in 2020.

Cory Booker crashed out of the presidential competition. He has not (so far) announced his running to keep his Senator position.

And finally, we have a debate without Andrew Yang. Yang may have brought some interesting ideas to the stage, none of them original, but he is among the most dishonest and uninformed candidates, constantly misleading people with his claims.

Between Debate Six and Debate Seven a refund brigade started, beginning with Pete Buttigieg after the Wine Cave exposé.

Refund Pete
Refund Pete

In the middle of this Debate the Warren campaign began getting refund requests.

Warren refund request
Warren refund request
Six hours after the Debate, #RefundWarren was trending
Six hours after the Debate, #RefundWarren was trending
Warren refund receipt
Warren refund receipt

On the day of the debate - before the debate - Krystal Ball on Rising gave the following explanation of what occurred over the previous weekend, calling it “sordid and disgraceful tale”.

Krystal Ball - Rising/Hill TV January 14, 2020

While waiting for the debate to begin, let’s review some of Joe Biden’s record.

Joe Biden Senate speeches on budget

The above video are clips. Here is the full rambling speech from one of those clips.

Joe Biden - including everything ramble speech

“If I say to you that Joe Biden said on many occasions we should cut Social Security, am I right or wrong?… I think the answer is obvious. Many many times he has said that. That’s not debatable. Go to the Congressional Record1 he has said it. You can argue about one video, but the real issue is Joe voted for the balanced budget amendment (which cut Social Security). There is nothing wrong with talking about our records. His record on many issues– Iraq, trade, bankruptcy, Social Security– is different than mine and I don’t think that it is wrong to be talking about that.”
- Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders 100% True

The Debate

In the other debates covered on moderators were not named, but in this case, let them introduce themselves, and the candidates. The Intros:

Debate Seven, Part One

Bernie Sanders on NAFTA 2.0

The Debacle of This Debate

The Debacle of This Debate

Debate Seven, Part Two

Part Two - Medicare For All, insurance, prescriptions, child care, College For All, student debt

JI (interviewer): But if your employer cancels that plan, then you don’t get it, you don’t have that choice.
JB (Joe Biden): No, you don’t have the choice, but you had the choice to — that’s why — I’m not saying, I said, if you like your plan, you can keep it, assuming — I should add the obvious — if your employer doesn’t take it away from you, O.K.?

NYT interviewer to Joe Biden: You’ve expressed very little interest in entertaining millenials’ concerns and complaints about the problems that they face, whether it’s student debt [Biden laughs] well, you have said, “I have no empathy for it. Give me a break.”

Debate Seven - closing statements

Bernie Sanders Debate 7 Green New Deal segment

On January 16th Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti on Rising/Hill TV brought forth an update on the Debacle of Debate Seven.

Krystal Ball - Rising/Hill TV January 16, 2020

  1. Congressional Record 1995–11–16, pdf Biden’s speech begins at the bottom of the second column on page one.  ↩