Debate Three

Debate 3 - September 2019

The third DNC Debate stage had ten candidates. This twenty-five minute clip from that night’s debate begins with Medicare For All. The best plan is Bernie’s Medicare For All. It is the only one that covers everyone. Where the others diverge is based on the fears that people have about missing their current medical insurance and so including various opt-ins, buy-ins, options “the Gold plan” as Biden called it in the second debate. There is no gap in coverage for anyone with Bernie’s Medicare For All; there is a transition period and I think Bernie should mention that from time to time. The best part of that discussion was when Biden called Bernie Sanders “president”.

Julián Castro calls out Biden on “forgetting” about “buy-in”. Biden had just said “buy-in” and then said “no buy-in”.

At that Buttigieg cried out that the debates were unwatchable because of the arugments on stage. Castro called him out on that saying, “That’s called an election. This is what we’re here for. That’s an election.”

Andrew Yang: “I am Asian so I know a lot of doctors.” Huh.

Next the discussion went to racism. With two mass shootings a few weeks before the debate, this was a passionate topic for the candidates. Castro has a police reform plan. Booker spent a large part of his response restating the problem and asked who is doing something about it; he would create an office in the White House to deal with the problem of white supremacy and hate crimes.

Criminal Justice Reform was the next topic. The first question was addressed to Kamala Harris on her contradictions between her new plan and her record. Harris said that she was glad she was asked that question because of course she had a packaged answer – the same one she gave in the last debate.

The question was next addressed to Klobuchar who addressed her record.

Biden rambled on about the problem of mass incarceration that, in part, he created. He also said that records of drug charges should be expunged (his son, Hunter, has one of those records).

Next topic: Mass Shootings. First question brought up Sandy Hook. Gun control, expanded background checks died on the senate floor. Biden takes credit for “bringing the Brady Bill into focus”. That sounded odd because the Brady Bill was full of holes, loopholes. And the question itself was odd because, in the case of Sandy Hook, the guns were legally owned by the shooter’s mother and kept unlocked; she had taught her son how to use them. The problem there was that the son, the shooter, had a mental disability. No gun laws would have had any effect on the Sandy Hook shooting 1.

Moderator to Biden: Why should voters give you another chance? “It went from a cause to a movement. Look what’s happening now. Mothers, the organization, Mothers Against Blacks, Mothers Against Gun Violence.”

clip from the third DNC debste, 25 minutes clip.

This clip does not have Biden’s mind-in-absentia ramble about record players and social workers. Asked about the legacy of slavery, Biden said, toward the end of the ramble:

We bring social workers into homes of parents to help them deal with how to raise their children. It’s not that they don’t want to help, they don’t want, they don’t know quite what to do. Play the radio, make sure the television, excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night, the phone, make sure that kids hear words.
- Joe Biden

After the second debate we said that Joe Biden should drop out of the presidential race due to his baggage from the Obama administration. At the time, we weren’t even thinking about his years as Senator. Now we say he should drop out because he is mentally unfit to be president.

We wonder what if social workers had visited the Biden home in the 1970’s, would it have helped with Biden’s problem child, Robert Hunter Biden, the child who grew up to use cocaine (two public incidents), was attracted to, or attracted, criminal activities (though always disengaging before commiting any crimes himself) and got two waivers to join the U.S. Naval Reserves. We ask, what really happened in the Biden home in the 1970’s?

We are certainly not taking Trump’s side in the Trump-Ukraine incident, but, of the present line-up, Biden is among the three worst choices for the 2020 presidential nomination (Yang, Harris, Biden).

  1. one exception might have been the biometric trigger id  ↩