Debate Four

The fourth DNC Debate began with a discussion of The Impeachment. We all know that all the candidates support the work being done on that project. Then Medicare For All.

Economic Inequality

On to income inequality, taxes and the billionaires. The discussion began with Bernie Sanders stating the conditions that the billionaire class have created. Steyer agrees and he is a billionaire. Biden gets confused with this topic. Klobuchar apparently thinks an income tax will solve the problem and Warren sets that idea straight. Some form of wealth tax is inevitable.

DNC Debate 4 - billionaires and taxes

Kurds and Turks

Next was a discussion on the Kurds and the Turks. Agreement that Trump’s actions are deplorable. Buttigeig goes at it with Gabbard, most take his side. Steyer says the common enemy is climate change. Others add that tech catch-up and paper ballots are the solutions to Russia’s interference.

DNC Debate 4 - foreign policy

Gun Control

Domestic issues and gun control. “Hell yes, we are going to take your AK–15, AK–47s,” Beto O’Rourke has said. There are differences in how to go about ending or at least reducing mass murders and gun violence in general. Buttigeig called the statement “a shiny object.” Buttigeig himself was the “shiny object” of the spring of 2019. In the third DNC debate Buttigeig complained of the candidates arguing on stage, now we can call him Pugnacious Pete. “We can’t wait…!” what does Buttigeig mean when he says that, since he is not in Congress making any decisions? Warren mentions that a gun bill in 2013 did not pass because of a fillibuster. Castro mentions police violence. We should expect to hear more on the topic of police violence in the next debate.

DNC Debate 4 - domestic issues, guns
gun display in a walmart, signage over the display reads: Own the School Year Like a Hero
A gun display in a walmart. Text surrounding the image said the photo was taken in Florida, about a year before the Marjorie Stoneham School shooting in Parkland FL. Signage over the display reads: Own the School Year Like a Hero. Photo was posted anonymously. When Massachusetts had sales-tax-free days, guns and ammunition were included.

The Criminals of the Opioid Crisis

The Opioid Crisis. We have a broken government, the end to corporations as people, capitalism run amuck. Remedial proposals. Hold the executives accountable with prison sentences. All are in agreement on this topic.

DNC Debate 4 - opioids

Age and Bernie’s Rally Announcement

Bernie is feeling great, thanks everyone for their support and well-wishes, and announces his upcoming rally (but doesn’t mention the date, so we had to look that up later). Biden, well Biden is in, perhaps well into, early stages of mental collapse (we are not diagnosing but it is quite plain to see and hear). Warren claims she will out organize everyone. When Warren says, “Business as usual,” she means Biden (Joe “nothing would change” Biden). Gabbard wants to know who is fit with military experience and wants to take over the moderator’s position.

DNC Debate 4 - age and Bernie's Rally Announcement

Big Tech

Warren is calling for breaking up big tech. Yang talks, but doesn’t have an idea to offer. Warren makes a case for the breakup, but it is not clear how that would work, what would happen. O’Rourke considers privacy, first time it is mentioned. Bernie says he would appoint an Attorney General who will protect Americans. Zuckerberg made a “ridiculous statement” says Harris (this is not news, but in case you didn’t know… he does this all the time). Harris wants to throw Trump off twitter, insists that Warren agree with her. Warren talks about taking money from big tech. Harris says the money is different. Harris again wants Trump’s account on twitter turned off.

DNC Debate 4 - tech

Getting It Done and Being Vague

Biden says he will probably offend some people here. And he does. He said he will get it done and not be vague. “Who are you saying is being vague?” the moderator asks. Biden rambles on. And Bernie Sanders says:

Joe, you talked about working with Republicans and getting things done, but you know what you also got done, and I say this as a good friend: You got the disastrous war in Iraq done. You got a bankruptcy bill, which is hurting middle class families all over this country. You got trade agreements like NAFTA and PNTR with China done, which have cost us 4 million jobs. Let’s get to Medicare For All. Let’s be honest. We spend twice as much per person as do the people of any other major country on earth. And the answer is if we have the guts, that I would like to see the Democratic Party have the guts, to stand up to the drug companies, and the insurance companies, and tell them that the function of health care is to guarantee care to all people, not to make a hundred zillion dollars in profit. If we stood together, we could create the greatest health care system in the world.
- Bernie Sanders, Fourth DNC Debate

Warren talks about her work on a consumer agency bill which got passed. Biden takes credit for its passing, but he had little to nothing to do with it.

Buttigeig continues with his “how Trump got within cheating distance of the White House” diatribe. Complains about the argument taking place. Again.

Klobuchar has bold ideas, she says, “the only one … who will build a blue wall around those [red] states.” A wall.

Sanders talks about what people want. The way we win, we have to inspire.

DNC Debate 4 - vision

Reproductive Rights

Harris claims she wouid put in place pre-clearance for states that try to interfere with Roe v. Wade. Klobuchar wants to argue with Trump. Booker says the interference is an assault on poverty, would create an office of reproductive freedom and repeal the Hyde Amendment. Gabbard brings up Hilary, would place some limits on abortion.

Buttigeig wants to add justices to the Supreme Court. Others don’t agree. Castro says term limits for justices is the idea he would consider.

DNC Debate 4 - repro

Closing Statements

Who is your friend that would surprise us?

DNC Debate 4 - closing statements

By this time of year, in 2016, three of the six candidates running for president had dropped out.