Debate Two - July 2019

Presidential Candidates Debate July 2019

The second round of debates started on July 30 and ended on July 31 with Biden and Harris introduced to an empty stage. It looked like “shake hands and come out fighting” and that is exactly what happened.

And then, with Biden there, the fights were often over criticism of Barack Obama. Even Trump noted that the Democrats were trashing Obama more than himself. It will be like that as long as Biden is there. If Biden cared one bit about America, he would drop out now if not sooner. Biden is there because big business does not want Bernie Sanders to win the 2020 election.

Here are their opening statements from both nights in the order they occurred.

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Cory Booker’s opening statement was interrupted by chanting. The chants began after de Blasio finished his statement: “Fire Pantaleo” – the officer who choked Eric Garner to death. Eric Garner was unarmed, At that point the chants were not loud enough to interrupt the program, but during Booker’s statement Detroit police returned to the chanters (they had told them earlier to be quiet) and forcibly removed them. With no reason to be quiet now, they chanted loud enough to interrupt the program. It wasn’t clear what they were saying during the program, but here is the clip with the chant volume increased:

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Bernie Sanders has the fully thought out, most comprehensive health care plan of all. He calls it Medicare for All. Other candidates are co-opting the label for their own plans. Don’t be misled or abused by the others. Harris’ 10-year plan “every baby born” after her election will be covered, but what about everyone else? Ten year phase in. You might be dead by then. Booker has a plan too and here we can know, listening carefully, what his and the other plans are about: The medical establishment knows something is up, something about health care will change and they want to slow it down as much as possible. Booker and Harris both have taken big pharma cash. Listen to Biden on ACA: they can buy the gold plan. Which means that it does not cover everyone equally.

Obamacare, ACA, was a compromise. When Obama was asked why his plan did not go further, he said doing so would have eliminated jobs. When he said that, it sounded like he was saying doctors and nurses and medical technicians would be out of work, but the jobs that would have been lost would have been in the insurance industry.

As far as a tax for Medicare for All, they should probably call it something else – like FICA is a separate deduction, health coverage deduction could be something like that. Personally I do not care much about health insurance and there is nothing about it I am interested in, but I might be interested in Bernie’s plan, and I would like it settled for everyone else.

Medicare for All discussion:

Both nights in this round of debates began with the Medicare for All discussion. Here is the audio of that discussion, both nights, in the order they occurred.

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Immigration discussion:

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Prison and Police Reform discussion:

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At the end of August we will know which candidates have qualified for the third round of debates in September.