Extreme Capitalism

What does Bernie mean when he says America has become an oligarchy? One way to think of it is something I’ve said before (not on this website) that the banks and insurance companies won’t be satisfied until there is a complete and utter “economic apartheid” – and that seems to be where we are now. Another way is how Anand Giridharadas describes extreme capitalism.

We don’t know if Anand Giridharadas explicitly endorses Bernie Sanders, but all of his ideas point to Bernie’s platform. In this first short audio, we get the gestalt of the concepts Anand conveys.

The rhetoric that comes from Wall Street

When we have an all or nothing conversation about capitalism, we are playing into the hands of extreme capitalists. This is a rhetoric that comes from Wall Street.
- Anand Giridharadas

This is the confusion or logjam that comes when people believe Bernie is a “socialist.” He isn’t. His ideas come from Democratic Socialism.

Here is Bernie Sanders at a Boone Iowa Town Hall – in teaching mode – on economic growth.

Bernie Sanders on economic growth

Economic growth, unto itself, should not be our end goal. Our goal – you can theoretically have all the economic growth you want, it doesn’t impact the majority of people. We want to create policies that work for working people. That’s what we want to do.
- Bernie Sanders

Here Anand Giridharadas explains Extreme Capitalism in detail. The video is captioned in Dutch, but is spoken in English.

Anand Giridharadas explains Extreme Capitalism

Hasan Minaj asks Anand Giridharadas, “Who Do You Want To Tax?”

Hasan Minaj and Anand Giridharadas play Who Do You Want To Tax