Not a Radical Idea: Tax the 1%

Rutger Bregman

Here is Rutger Bregman at the World Economic Forum at Davos in 2019.

Rutger Bregman and Winnie Byanyima at Davos 2019. Rutger discusses the wealthy prefer philanthropy rather than paying taxes. Later in the video Winnie Byanyima discusses the quality of jobs in America.

Rutger says the World Economic Forum did not invite him back in 2020.

Warren Gunnels

Warren Gunnels, Bernie 2020 senior advisor is also known as the “Keeper of Receipts” because he has worked with Bernie Sanders for many years and knows Bernie’s track record. Here is Warren Gunnels examining Jamie Dimon’s misunderstanding of the concept of socialism. Jamie Dimon is CEO of one of several banking institutions that created what I call “economic apartheid”, what Bernie calls “corporate socialism”.

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