Housing For All

Are You Willing To Fight For Someone You Dont Know?
Are You Willing To Fight For Someone You Don’t Know?

Are you willing to fight for someone you don’t know? Bernie Sanders is, and has been doing do for more than forty years. In asking the question, Bernie is asking Us to join him and Us - all of Us who have already joined with Bernie in the fight.

Bernie aims to end homelessness. Recently I happened to see info on a place where I used to live. When I lived there, there were no homeless people living on the street, in doorways, or under bridges. Now there are. This is the result of the economic conditions that have developed over years and especially over the last couple of decades.

Ending homelessness is only the beginning of Bernie’s ideas. Bernie plans on improving homes for everyone with twenty-first century technology, energy efficiency, and modern energy generation.

I thought Bernie’s plans for Housing For All were amazing when I first saw them1 2. But in the last few days Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have submitted to Congress the detailed Senate Bill3 called Green New Deal for Public Housing Act. This is part of the Green New Deal we have been hearing so much about. I think many did not expect to see anything like this happen so quickly, thinking we’d have to wait and wait to get it passed. Well, it is brand new, so we do have to wait - but the clock on this issue is ticking now.

Some of the items in the GND - Housing For All Bill that stood out to me as I read through it:

  • stipends valued at not less than $250 per week to individuals participating in the workforce development program - there’s your Universal Basic Income - there will be plenty of work needed. Oh, and that means it is more than $1k per month; a month, for accounting purposes, is usually calculated at 4.3 weeks.
  • photovolatic glass windows - so often I think of this when I see tall buildings swathed in sunshine, all going to waste - until this Bill takes effect and put to use.
  • the installation of publicly owned high speed internet in order to provide universal internet access for all residents with an upload speed of not less than 100Mbps and a download speed of not less than 100Mbps, and the ongoing costs associated with providing that internet infrastructure and access - we need this!
  • to identify and verify state-of-the-art building materials and appliances, made in the United States, that can be procured at scale for purposes of this Act