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Matt Jones has endorsed Charles Booker for U.S. Senator from Kentucky.

As near as I can figure from looking at an old road map, it was Lexington, or near Lexington, where I got off the highway. What was I looking for – a gas station, a restaurant? Whatever it was, nothing was open. It must have been a Sunday. I got back on the highway.

Brief though it was, my stop in Kentucky stands out in my mind because it reminded me of the children’s fairy tale The Three Little Pigs. You probably know it. One little pig lives in a house made of straw. The big bad wolf comes along and says, “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and blow your house down.” And he does. The little pig runs over to his neighbor who lives in a house made of twigs. The big bad wolf follows and tells the little pigs that he’ll “huff and puff and blow the house down” and proceeds to do so. The two little pigs seek shelter with their friend who lives in a house made of bricks. The big bad wolf comes along and makes the same claim about huffing and puffing and blowing the house down whereupon he commences to huff and puff, huff and puff, and this time the big bad wolf cannot blow the house down. It appeared to me that the people of Kentucky knew that story because every house and every building I recall seeing was made of brick.

When I started this website last summer (2019), I only wanted to motivate people in becoming interested in looking at politics and getting involved, mostly in looking for a new president. I also knew that getting new people in Congress would be important too. After I started the site, I saw that others had similar ideas, organizations like the Justice Democrats and Flip The Senate. Along the way, I found the name Matt Jones. I read the stories. I listened to the podcast.

Matt Jones Podcast avatar
Matt Jones Podcast avatar

After listening to the Matt Jones Podcast of August 12, 2019, I was convinced that this was the one to run and win the Senate seat that had been occupied by Mitch McConnell (no need to explain who Mitch McConnell is).

Someone else had already filed to run for U.S. Senate in Kentucky. As Matt Jones explains in the August 12th podcast, that person, Amy McGrath is unlikely to win. She has military experience and as I have mentioned on this site before, I do not think military experience automatically qualifies someone for political positions. It doesn’t disqualify someone, but Amy McGrath was known to flip-flop on issues. And she was selected for support from Chuck Schumer - as a throwaway candidate.

Matt Jones on the other hand has, not only name recognition, but is beloved by loyal fans. Matt Jones had a tv show, a radio show, and a podcast. Last summer a member of Amy McGrath’s campaign staff lobbied the tv station to cancel Matt’s tv show. Also last summer Mitch McConnell’s political campaign purchased the search terms for “Matt Jones” on google.

All of this is mentioned on the August 12th podcast. Also mentioned was a book Matt Jones is writing, Mitch, Please! How Mitch McConnell Sold Out Kentucky (and America Too).

Mitch, Please! How Mithc McConnell sold out Kentucky (and America Too)
Mitch, Please! How Mitch McConnell Sold Out Kentucky (and America Too)

I wanted to take a photo of the book cover myself, but this is from the publisher’s website.

Who is Matt Jones?

Matt Jones is a Democrat, and a Sportscaster with a Law Degree. After listening to his podcast, last updated at the time of this writing, on August 12, 20191. I listened to several other episodes for context and to assure myself of authenticity and integrity, but the only episode you need is that one, Episode 68, of August 12th. On that podcast there was mention of a book coming out. Didn’t say when so I waited a few weeks and went to the publisher’s website to look for it. I saw “pre-order”, so I waited a few more weeks and made a trip to an independant real-life bookstore. By now it is September or early October. I asked for the book by author name. The clerk looked it up and said, “March 3, 2020”. I was shocked, but will be patient.

About an hour and a half later I was in a cafe. I lady passed by wearing a grey sweatshirt with huge burgundy letters that spelled out “KENTUCKY”. She would pass by again. I stopped her and asked if she was from Kentucky. She said yes.

“Do you know Matt Jones?” I asked. In my excitement I think it came out like I was asking if she knew “Matt Jones” personally. The lady paused a second and said, “No.”

I said, “You know the name, Mitch McConnell?”

“Unfortunately, yes,” the lady said.

“Well Matt Jones is in Kentucky and he might run for U.S. Senate in 2020 and it sounds like he will beat McConnell.” I told her about the book and the podcast.

She said she had not lived in Kentucky for years, but she would ask her mother about Jones.

She passed me once again. I cued up the podcast on the device screen and held it up for her to look at - a visual to help her remember our interaction.

#Free Matt Jones

Every now and then I checked to see if I could find any indication of Matt Jones’ run for U.S. Senate. Matt Jones makes the local news, but not so much the national news. I found this:

hashtag free Matt Jones

It happened that the Kentucky Republican Committee sent a letter complaining that the broadcast of Matt Jones radio show was an in-kind political donation. Matt Jones had formed an exploratory committee, but had not yet filed to run for Senate.

Hashtag Free Matt Jones became a big thing on twitter. Even Republicans will vote for Matt Jones.

McConnell has been in office forever and has done what for Kentucky? All that power and zero results in lowering poverty and making lives better. He’s a old crony lining his pockets

@westkywildcat Nov 6
Mitch famously said “money is the mother’s milk of@politics”. That calculus does not work when your critic has his own show. Mitch is scared.

@AshlandPaul Nov 7
As a daily KSR listener, I must say Jones has bent over backwards to ensure the show stayed apolitical. Bush league move by #MoscowMitch that will backfire.

@samiamsamh Nov 6
when republicans can’t win, they cheat #DitchMoscowMitch

The agency hasn’t enforced campaign finance laws in two months. Here’s what’s being lost while politicians dither.

For several days on this website I ran the animation at the bottom of this page on some pages.

I checked back later and found this:

Matt Jones will not run for U.S Senate.
After much consideration, Jones announced Friday morning on Kentucky Sports Radio he will not pursue political office in Kentucky’s 2020 Senate race.
After today’s radio show, Jones will host Saturday’s football pregame show and Monday morning’s KSR before taking some time off the air to complete his book, “Mitch Please.” Jones thanks all of the fans and listeners for their support throughout this process.
Hear Matt discuss the decision-making process in the first segment of Friday’s KSR.
- Kentucky Sports Radio, November 15, 2019

Matt Jones not running for Senate

He has until January 28, 2020 to file to run for U.S. Senate in Kentucky. Kentucky’s Primary Election is May 19, 2020. We will keep a watch.

A Message for Matt Jones

I am not much into the kind of sports you are. Basketball is an exception. It’s an understandable game - you bounce a ball, you toss it into a basket, there’s a board behind the basket so you can’t lose the ball like you can in baseball; and the board makes it a sport of skill, you must toss the ball so that it doesn’t bounce back from the board and miss the basket. It might also be because I met Pat Riley once and thought he was a good guy. He was coach of the L.A. Lakers at the time. I don’t have to tell you who Pat Riley is, but something I did not know, until just now, is that he played for the Kentucky Wildcats in his youth.

And look at what you will miss if you don’t go to Congress in 2021:

Bernie Sanders shoots hoops while discussing an ideal debate format – First Hour: Basketball.

  1. by the time I post this, there will be an update to the podcast in November  ↩