Medicare For All

When we talk about Medicare For All we are talking about Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All. All others are compromises, designed to apease the fears of voters and the pockets of corporations.

We plan to include a comprehesive explanation of Bernie’s Medicare For All. For now, know this: No one loses health coverage who already have it. There is a transition period. There is no gap in coverage for anyone during the transition. Everything is covered except cosmetic surgery. The transition is primarily within the medical provider establishments, not individuals. There will be no out-of-pocket costs, no deductibles, no co-pays. There will be a payroll deduction similar to FICA; the individual deduction is yet to be determined, but in most cases - exceptions are billionaires - the cost will be less than the amount any individual expects to pay for health insurance now. It is understood that unions have fought for years, perhaps decades, for health coverage, but that struggle will be eliminated. One union member complained that their work required special coverage; what could be more special than everything is covered? Everything includes vision, dental, and hearing.

ACA was a compromise. Barak Obama knew it. You knew it. Medicare For All is designed to evolve and be a long lasting benefit to all, “a human right” as Bernie calls it.