Medicare And You

Standard Medicare is not a substitute for Medicare For All

Medicare For All has to be one of the top half dozen most important topics in Election 2020. While Biden would like to screw you over with a tweak of the ACA (ObamaCareLess) program, do not let that happen. Here is one person’s comment on the switch to ACA:

[I’m] self employed, my rates went from $250/month to $844/month, my deductible went from $2500.00 to $6500,00. [Obama] killed the middle class.

Do not let anyone tell you an eligibility extension to Medicare instead of Medicare For All is acceptable. It is not. Standard Medicare has co-pays, there are deductibles, and it does not cover much of anything along the lines of preventative care other than an annual check up which I believe exists so the government can estimate how much longer you have to live.

I obtained a copy of the 2020 edition of the book the government sends annually to people eligible for Medicare. It is called Medicare And You. I present it here as a pdf. so you can see for yourself that it is not an acceptable substitute for MEDICARE FOR ALL.

There was more to the book! The rest of it was information pertaining to states myriad of supplemental insurance programs, which naturally add to the cost.