Info related to Coronavirus aka COVID-19

Contact Tracing Apps

Just when you thought it was safe to use your Bluetooth headphones out in public, comes along the app that tracks your whereabouts with or without your knowledge or permission. What can you do about it?

Bluetooth headphones are a convenience. The disadvantage is that the battery power in them does not last long. There’s been some improvement although it is still about half what is stated on the package or marketing copy. I threw out my old - expensive and not very good sounding - pair long ago.

A COVID-19 Vaccine?

If a COVID–19 vaccine were released under either the Trump or Biden administrations, I would not trust it.

In March[2020], the U.S. passed federal regulations granting liability immunity to corporations producing coronavirus drugs, including vaccines. It also provided liability immunity to any entity distributing the drugs.

A nose-and-mouth face covering is the best COVID–19 preventative we have at this time.