American Heartland and the Green New Deal

I am not sure most of his Democratic primary colleagues know there is rural and small-town poverty. But many Americans do. They get it because they have lived it. They see that their economy was exported. They see how communities and families were destroyed. And they never voted for this. They never voted to make Europe, or China, or Brazil rich and rural Ohio or Pennsylvania poor. They never voted for an economy of despair. They want a Marshall Plan for the American heartland.
- Keith Burris, Toledo Blade

The Marshall Plan was a complex program designed to aid Europe in the aftermath of World War II. Today a Marshall Plan for the American heartland refers to the devastation caused by economic policies that began during the Reagun administration and have continued until today creating a one per cent billionaire class often called an oligarchy. The 2019 Green New Deal would begin the process of restructuring the American economy.