Privacy Policy

About This Site and Privacy Policy

  • This website has no ads or sponsors.
  • This website contains no tracking or data capturing software; in fact we use a hosting service that allows us to disable logging, which we have done (we can turn it on temporarily if needed to resolve a problem).
  • This website has minimal javascript; there is javascript to place a tiny icon next to links that take you away from this site, such links are for reference and/or convenience of the reader; there is javascript to render dropdown menus.
  • There is a feedback/contact form from which, if used, we will obtain your email address; it will not be shared, rented, sold or used anywhere other than communication with you (if we do); a real name is not required to submit feedback.
  • We may later turn on commenting; we will not use any thrid party application for this purpose; you are responsible for what you submit; all comments will be checked prior to publication and no hate speech of any kind will be permitted.
  • We may implement an anonymous donation service; your donation will be anonymous to us, but will require a signup (and javascript) on a third party website.
  • No registration is required to use the website, however if we later have guest columnists real name and registration will be required.
  • This site is managed by one individual.
  • This is a site in progress, some pages are updated often.