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Bernie supports LGBTQ Equality
Bernie supports LGBTQ Equality

A few days ago I posted the audio and notes from the One Iowa/GLAAD LGBTQ Presidential Forum 1. There were some interesting interactions at that forum.

At the end of the GLAAD forum, it was suggested that people question the candidates who did not show up. I want to remind everyone that Bernie Sanders mentions LGBTQ, or “Gay and Straight” in every speech he gives.

I have notes for the HRC forum hosted at UCLA, presented by CNN, and parodied by SNL, but this is more important. Bernie has supported LGBTQ rights - and equal rights for every minority - long before it was popular to do so. Here is Bernie Sanders speaking with Rachel Maddow in 2016. Bernie discusses the DOMA vote - he voted against it. It passed and was repealed. We need to support the leaders who support Us. Bernie understands leadership.

Bernie Sanders speaking with Rachel Maddow in 2016

Please vote in the Primary in your state to indicate your support for Bernie. Remember that in most states you must register as Democrat to nominate Bernie for President. It is important that we all participate in the Primary or Caucus this time!

Bernie Sanders speaking at the Victory Institute – LGBTQ Leadership Conference, November 2019

Also you might want to look at this document, Issues Facing LGBTQ Older Adults.