Election 2020

It is imperative that we participate in all of the 2020 Primaries and Elections – including the candidates for the Senate and candidates for the House of Representatives, our Representatives, as well as who will be the next President of the United States, our President. These representatives and legislators, and executives should be of our choosing, not corporations, lobbyists, oligarchs, and outdated establishment. Choose wisely and act.


Keep this statement from Mitch McConnell in mind:

In April 2019, McConnell criticized proposed legislation by House Democrats such as the Green New Deal and Medicare for All. McConnell declared that if he was still Senate majority leader after the 2020 elections: “none of those things are going to pass the Senate. They won’t even be voted on. So think of me as the grim reaper. None of that stuff is going to pass. None of it.”
The Grim Reaper, Mitch McConnell; Fox News

The Candidates

In April 2019 we presented The Testimony of Micheal Cohen and Congressional Hearing where you can get to know forty-two U.S. House Representatives on the Oversight and Reform Committee with five hours of audio, notes on the hearing, and Cohen’s statement.

Beware of Voter Suppression. We have seen many forms of voter suppression already in this election cycle. Be strong for the General Election - mail-in should happen in October, official in-person date November 3, 2020.

Conversation with Reverend William Barber and Bernie Sanders.