The House of Representatives

We need fresh minds in the U.S. House of Representatives, people who will represent us, not their personal interests, lobbyists, or the interests of corporations.

The primaries are drawing to a close, but they are not over yet and we will have to wait for the counts. However, some results are in and they are shown where available.

We will update this page again in a few days.

This list will evolve into a list of Progressive candidates in the General Election.

Candidates for the House of Representatives

State District Candidate Notes
AZ 01 Eva Putzova AZ Primary August 4, 2020. Eva Putzova
AZ 03 Raul M. Grijalva Raul Grijalva Congressional website and Campaign website. Long time progressive for Medicare For All and a major force for environmental protection.
AZ 07 Ruben Gallego Ruben Gallego Congressional website and Campaign website. Re-elect this Progressive.
CA 01 Audrey Denney Audrey Denney. Ok but Audrey Denney is a Biden/ACA on health care, supporting “expanding Medicare as an option” which helps the insurance companies and “big pharma” - not people.
CA 12 Shahid Buttar Attorney, formerly with EFF. Shahlid Buttar challenges the criminal in the house, speaker Pelosi. It is time to rid the U.S. of the double-talking career politician Pelosi. Shahlid Buttar
Shahid Buttar
Shahid Buttar

Shahid Buttar vs. Nancy Pelosi
Shahid Buttar vs. Nancy Pelosi
CA 13 Barbara Lee Re-elect, anti-war progressive.
CA 17 Ro Khanna Co-chair of Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign for president. Hear Ro Khanna and the SQUAD question Micheal Cohen in the final hour of the Cohen Hearing.
CA 18 Rishi Kumar Rishi Kumar taking on a Pelosi-“big pharma” pal.
CA 25 Christy Smith
Cenk Uygur
Christy Smith will be the Democratic nominee in the general election. Christy Smith is a centrist.
Cenk Uygur did not win enough votes in either the special election or the primary for the nomination.
Cenk Uygur was endorsed by Bernie but Cenk Uygur did not want endorsements.
Cenk Retraction
CA 27 Judy Chu Judy Chu, unopposed Democrat in this district will “protect and expand the Affordable Care Act”,
CA 29 Angelica Dueñas People First, and all you’d want in a Representative - advocating for M4A, GND, H4A, Immigration reform. +Uses OpenStreetMap on website. Angelica Dueñas
Angelica Dueñas
Angelica Dueñas
CA 33 Ted Lieu Ted Lieu Congressional website - campaign website was inaccessible.
CA 34 David Kim David Kim’s website is one of the better sites in terms of content; he addresses everything in personal articles. He is for all the issues you’d want in a progressive candidate. There’s one big but though. He is strongly in favor of UBI, but it is of the Yang/Freedom Dividend variant. It looks like David Kim jumped on the Yang/Freedom Dividend bandwagon early in the campaign, so we will give him the benefit of the doubt and expect he will re-examine this version of Universal Basic Income later. Besides, there have already been updates to the idea of Universal Basic Income in the House which would give everyone a better chance at surviving the economic apartheid we are going through now – if it passed.
CA 38 Michael Tolar Michael Tolar - website unavailable or non-existant. Most likely you are stuck with the incumbent here. Linda Sanchez may not be the worst congressperson, but when the first paragraph contains the words "strengthening our middle class" you know this is not for you, but for corporations. Scheduled for October 2020, she and husband will be on trial for misuse of Federal funds. Tolar may still be an option.
CA 42 Liam O’Mara Liam O’Mara - one of the better political websites I’ve seen. A true progressive and a serious campaign.
CA 53 Georgette Gomez Georgette Gomez - some of the issues at the front of Georgette’s campaign are Medicare for All, Green New Deal, Protecting Social Security, and Reforming the Criminal Justice System. Yay San Diego!
CO 02 Joe Neguse Joe Neguse is big on protecting the environment, he got a bill passed that bans drilling for oil under plutonium scraps (superfund site) which Colorado has (Rocky Flats). Joe Neguse is for Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, but is endorsed by Biden which makes me sick. I guess it’s because he had lunch or something with Biden’s prop master and basement mate, Jill.
CO 04 Isaac McCorkle Isaac McCorkle - Ike covers all the progressive issues. His opponent is a criminal who must be removed from all political endeavors. In 2014, Buck, this republican incumbent and former associate of Dick Cheney, was forced to resign as District Attorney in Weld County, CO, because of his “career bypassing justice and ethics to reward political allies and campaign contributors”.

Not relevant, but CO-04 is generally where the South Park creators originate and base their cartoon series.
CO 05 Jillian Freeland Website inaccessible or broken on first try. Update, on second try it works - Jillian Freeland. Progressive though does not use any of the familiar phrasing, perhaps this suits some constituants in this district. Jill’s opponent wants a secure and prosperous future for himself, and guns for everyone - tax free presumably.
FL 03 Adam Christensen  
FL 05 Albert Chester  
FL 06 Richard Thripp  
FL 11 Dana Cottrell  
FL 19 Cindy Banyai Cindy Banyai
FL 20 Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick  
FL 21 Guido Weiss  
FL 23 Jen Perelman Running against a criminal in Congress, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who was instrumental in derailing Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary.
Jen Perelman
Jen Perelman
FL 24 Sakinah Lehtola  
GA 01 Lisa Ring  
GA 04 William Haston  
GA 05 Barrington Martin II  
GA 07 Nabilah Islam  
GA 08 Jimmy Cooper  
GA 10 Andrew Ferguson  
GA 13 Michael Owens  
IA 04 J.D. Scholten  
IL 01 Robert Emmons Gun Control advocate
IL 03 Marie Newman Endorsed by AOC and others. Potential fifth member of the Squad. Go Marie!
IL 04 Jesús "Chuy" García Jesús "Chuy" García (official website) Endorsed Bernie Sanders for President.
IL 11 Rachel Ventura Progressive. Supports Medicare For All and Green New Deal.
IL 12 Ray Lenzi  
IN 01 Jim Harper  
IN 03 Carlos Marcano  
IN 05 Jennifer Christie  
IN 09 Andy Ruff  
KY 05 Billy Hibbitts  
MA 01 Alex Morse Mayor, Holyoke MA. Endorsed by Justice Democrats. Smeared by allies of 30 year incumbent Richard Neal who is considered the Mitch of the House.
REMINDER: People in western MA can Write in Alex Morse on their November ballot.
Rashida Tlaib
Alex B. Morse, not remorse richard

Yulin Cruz, Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, endorses Alex Morse
MA 02 Jim McGovern  
MA 04 Ihssane Leckey Did not win in the primary. Ihssane Leckey Former Federal Reserve system regulator, no corporate funding, supports Medicare For All, Green New Deal, endorsed by many good people and orgs - (many broken links on this page however, but we know most most of them).
MA 06 Seth Moulton Won in the primary. Seth Moulton wants different House leadership. Help him make that happen.
MA 07 Ayanna Pressley Part of the original SQUAD.
MA 08 Robbie Goldstein Did not win in the primary. Robbie Goldstein True progressive, physician, running to unseat old-school rep with ancient values, Stephen Lynch
MD 01 Mia Mason  
MD 04 Sheila Bryant  
MD 05 Mckayla Wilkes  
MD 06 Maxwell Bero  
MD 07 Jill Carter  
MD 09 Jamie Raskin  
MI 01 Dana Alan Ferguson  
MI 06 Jon Hoadley  
MI 12 Solomon Rajput  
MI 13 Rashida Tlaib Part of the original SQUAD. Introduced The BOOST Act
Rashida Tlaib
Rashida Tlaib
MN 01 Johnny Akzam  
MN 04 David Sandbeck  
MN 05 Ilhan Omar Part of the original SQUAD.
Ilhan Omar
Ilhan Omar
MN 06 Ian Todd  
MN 08 Soren Sorensen  
MO 01 Cori Bush Activist, nurse, endorsed by Justice Democrats. Cori Bush

Cori Bush - Victory!
MO 03 Dennis Oglesby  
MO 08 Kathy Ellis  
MS 01 Antonia Eliason  
NE 02 Kara Eastman Endorsed by Justice Democrats. Challenge: Don Bacon
NJ 02 Will Cunningham No progressive candidate won in the primary in New Jersey.
NJ 04 Christine Conforti No progressive candidate won in the primary in New Jersey.
NJ 05 Arati Kreibich No progressive candidate won in the primary in New Jersey.
NJ 06 Russ Cirincione No progressive candidate won in the primary in New Jersey. Supports all GND, M4A.
NJ 08 Hector Oseguera
Hector Oseguera NJ-08
Hector Oseguera NJ-08

NJ 09 Zina Spezakis No progressive candidate won in the primary in New Jersey.
NJ 10 John Flora No progressive candidate won in the primary in New Jersey.
NJ 12 Lisa McCormick No progressive candidate won in the primary in New Jersey.
NM 01 Deb Haaland  
NM 03 Kyle Tisdel  
NY 03 Melanie D’Arrigo  
NY 04 Joseph Naham  
NY 05 Shaniyat Chowdhury  
NY 06 Mel Gagarin  
NY 09 Isiah James Working towards affordable housing for Brooklyn. Also challenging old-school incumbent.

NY 10 Lindsey Boylan

NY 12 Lauren Ashcraft

NY 13 James Felton Keith Universal Basic Income advocate; Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ activist. Did not win in the primary.
NY 14 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Part of the original SQUAD. Co-sponsor H.R. 109.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
NY 15 Ritchie Torres Ritchie Torres

Richie Torres won NY-15. Congratulations!
NY 16 Jamaal Bowman Former middle school principal. Endorsed by Justice Democrats.

NY 17 Mondaire Jones
Mondaire Jones - Primary Victory June 23, 2020
Mondaire Jones - Primary Victory June 23, 2020

This is for Barbra Jordan … This is for Bayard Ruskin … This is for Harvey Milk …
NY 25 Robin Wilt  
NY 27 Nate McMurray  
NV 01 Anthony Thomas Jr.  
NV 03 Dennis Sullivan  
NV 04 Gregory Kempton  
OH 03 Morgan Harper Economic Equality. Challenging old-school Democrat. Did not win the primary.
Morgan Harper
Morgan Harper
OH 05 Nick Rubando Nick Rubando
OK 01 Kojo Asamoa-Caesar Kojo Asamoa-Caesar
OR 01 Amanda Siebe Amanda Siebe
OR 02 Nik Heuertz  
OR 03 Albert Lee
Albert Lee
Albert Lee
OR 04 Doyle Canning  
OR 05 Mark Gamba  
PA 11 Sarah Hammond  
PA 18 Jerry Dickinson  
TN 01 Larry Smith  
TN 02 Chance Brown  
TN 04 Noelle Bivens  
TN 09 Corey Strong  
TX 10 Mike Siegel Mike Siegel Won in the primary. Progressive in Texas. Mike Siegal won in the primary. There are a lot of Mike Siegal's; this is the one. Bernie endorsed.
TX 14 Adrienne Bell Adrienne Bell won in the primary.
TX 24 Candace Valenzuela Candace Valenzuela
TX 25 Heidi Sloan This progressive in Texas did not win in the primary. Julie Oliver is the remaining Democratic option; Oliver covers the most important progressive issues.
TX 25 Julie Oliver Julie Oliver
TX 28 Jessica Cisneros Endorsed by Justice Democrats. Challenge: Henry Cuellar. Did not win the primary.
TX 31 Donna Imam Donna Imam This progressive in Texas won in the primary. Donna uses the term HealthCare for All (HCA) that claims “fortifies and accelerates” Medicare for All; not sure what the intention is here; fully expect Senate Bill 1129 to be updated before it is passed, but not sure what “HCA” is.
UT 01 Jamie Cheek  
UT 03 Devin Thorpe  
VA 01 Oasim Rashid  
VA 11 Zainab Mohsini  
WA 02 Jason Call Jason Call - A lively and refreshing stance on progressive issues. Herman Hesse fan.
WA 05 Christopher Armitage Dropped out of the primary. Dave Wilson is the only Democrat who can replace Armitage in the primary on August 4.
WA 06 Rebecca Parson Activist, substitute teacher, DSA member. Caution does Not use OpenStreetMap on website. Rebecca Parson

WA 07 Pramila Jayapal Progressive working for Economic Equality and Medicare Far All.
Pramila Jayapal
Pramila Jayapal
WA 10 Joshua Collins Prioritizes M4A GND Peace and Bernie. Joshua Collins
WI 02 Mark Pocan  
WI 03 Mark Neumann  
WI 05 Tom Palzewicz  
WI 06 Michael Beardsley  
WI 08 Amanda Stuck  
WV 02 Cathy Kukel  
WV 03 Hillary Turner  
VA 01 Qasim Rashid Qasim Rashid

On another page we have the The Testimony of Micheal Cohen and Congressional Hearing where you can get to know forty-two (2019) U.S. House Representatives on the Oversight and Reform Committee. And a note on Elijah Cummings’ passing.

Beware of Voter Suppression

You may want to listen to this recording of a conversation with Reverend William Barber discussing the long and extensive obstacles that have been in place in the United States that have prevented a true majority from voting. Details on the origin of this audio are in a note on Bernie’s page here.