The Candidates for President of the United States

There were over 20 candidates from President in this election cycle. We are down to two. Ha! You say. Two? Yes, We have not given up the idea that Bernie Sanders can still make it to the White House before this is over.

We have not forgotten the others and will update with our commentary on their part in the election process. Much information about the former candidates is contained within the Debates, which will be added back to the website as soon as we able to do so.

Bernie, of course, has his own section here.

And Biden, well have a look at these for starters:


JI (interviewer): But if your employer cancels that plan, then you don’t get it, you don’t have that choice.
JB (Joe Biden): No, you don’t have the choice, but you had the choice to — that’s why — I’m not saying, I said, if you like your plan, you can keep it, assuming — I should add the obvious — if your employer doesn’t take it away from you, O.K.?

NEWS: Sanders Campaign Statement on Biden’s Iraq War Record

January 11, 2020
WASHINGTON - Bernie 2020 Senior Advisor Jeff Weaver on Saturday issued the following statement after Vice President Joe Biden and a top surrogate tried to distort his record on the Iraq War:

“It is appalling that after 18 years Joe Biden still refuses to admit he was dead wrong on the Iraq War, the worst foreign policy blunder in modern American history. Unlike 23 of his Senate colleagues who got it right, Biden made explicitly clear that he was voting for war, and even after the war started, he boasted that he didn’t regret it. Bernie Sanders saw the same information and had the judgment to vote against the Iraq War. That’s the kind of commander in chief we need — someone with the toughness and judgment to get those calls right, not someone who undermined Democratic opposition, enthusiastically supported a disastrous war, refuses to admit mistakes, and then tries to rewrite history.”

More Police, More Jails

Biden "in a nutshell" - Bernie on the same topic in the second half

And yet, former vice-president to one of worst presidents in recent history, "middle-class joe" whose son Hunter was caught publicly in possession, and under the influence in at least one case, with cocaine and never spent one minute in prison. How is this explained?

Sample Biden's Absurd Rambling

NYT interviewer to Joe Biden: You’ve expressed very little interest in entertaining millenials’ concerns and complaints about the problems that they face, whether it's student debt … [Biden laughs] “Well”, you have said, “I have no empathy for it. Give me a break.”

Biden smirks and huffs as he is asked about segregation and then follows with one of the most absurd rambling.

"Raise to the $60K level" Biden got this idea from Bernie Sanders though Bernie says teachers should be paid minimum of $60K.