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Debate One - June 2019

I watched the first of the DNC official debates with a friendly group of people. At the end of the show an informal poll was taken: who won the debate? I wasn’t watching to see “who won the debate”. I was watching to determine who I would vote for if the election were held immediately after. I went in open minded, wanting to learn about new candidates running. In the end, there was no question that the winner was Bernie Sanders, the only one who sounded completely honest.

One annoying aspect of this debate was when a candidate looked into the camera and addressed Trump. This seemed silly. We were not there to hear what a candidate had to say to Trump. We watch these debates to hear what the candidates have to say to us.

Debate Two - July 2019

The second round of debates started on July 30 and ended on July 31 with Biden and Harris introduced to an empty stage. It looked like "shake hands and come out fighting" and that is exactly what happened.

And then, with Biden there, the fights were often over criticism of Barack Obama. Even Trump noted that the Democrats were trashing Obama more than himself. If Biden cared one bit about America, he would drop out now if not sooner. Biden is there because big business does not want Bernie Sanders to win the 2020 election.

Here are their opening statements from both nights in the order they occurred.

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Cory Booker

Cory Booker’s opening statement was interrupted by chanting. The chants began after de Blasio finished his statement: “Fire Pantaleo” – the officer who choked Eric Garner to death. Eric Garner was unarmed, At that point the chants were not loud enough to interrupt the program, but during Booker’s statement Detroit police returned to the chanters (they had told them earlier to be quiet) and forcibly removed them. With no reason to be quiet now, they chanted loud enough to interrupt the program. It wasn’t clear what they were saying during the program, but here is the clip with the chant volume increased:

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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has the fully thought out, most comprehensive health care plan of all. He calls it Medicare for All. Other candidates are co-opting the label for their own plans. Don’t be misled or abused by the others. Harris’ 10-year plan “every baby born” after her election will be covered, but what about everyone else? Ten year phase in. You might be dead by then. Booker has a plan too and here we can know, listening carefully, what his and the other plans are about: The medical establishment knows something is up, something about health care will change and they want to slow it down as much as possible. Booker and Harris both have taken big pharma cash. Listen to Biden on ACA: they can buy the gold plan. Which means that it does not cover everyone equally.

Obamacare, ACA, was a compromise. When Obama was asked why his plan did not go further, he said doing so would have eliminated jobs. When he said that, it sounded like he was saying doctors and nurses and medical technicians would be out of work, but the jobs that would have been lost would have been in the insurance industry.

As far as a tax for Medicare for All, they should probably call it something else – like FICA is a separate deduction, health coverage deduction could be something like that. Personally I do not care much about health insurance and there is nothing about it I am interested in, but I might be interested in Bernie’s plan, and I would like it settled for everyone else.

Medicare for All discussion:

Both nights in this round of debates began with the Medicare for All discussion. Here is the audio of that discussion, both nights, in the order they occurred.

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Immigration discussion:

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Prison and Police Reform discussion:

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At the end of August we will know which candidates have qualified for the third round of debates in September.

Debate Three - September 2019

The third DNC Debate stage had ten candidates. This twenty-five minute clip from that night’s debate begins with Medicare For All. The best plan is Bernie’s Medicare For All. It is the only one that covers everyone. Where the others diverge is based on the fears that people have about missing their current medical insurance and so including various opt-ins, buy-ins, options “the Gold plan” as Biden called it in the second debate. There is no gap in coverage for anyone with Bernie’s Medicare For All; there is a transition period and I think Bernie should mention that from time to time. The best part of that discussion was when Biden called Bernie Sanders “president”.

Julián Castro calls out Biden on “forgetting” about “buy-in”. Biden had just said “buy-in” and then said “no buy-in”.

At that Buttigieg cried out that the debates were unwatchable because of the arugments on stage. Castro called him out on that saying, “That’s called an election. This is what we’re here for. That’s an election.”

Andrew Yang: “I am Asian so I know a lot of doctors.” Huh.

Next the discussion went to racism. With two mass shootings a few weeks before the debate, this was a passionate topic for the candidates. Castro has a police reform plan. Booker spent a large part of his response restating the problem and asked who is doing something about it; he would create an office in the White House to deal with the problem of white supremacy and hate crimes.

Criminal Justice Reform was the next topic. The first question was addressed to Kamala Harris on her contradictions between her new plan and her record. Harris said that she was glad she was asked that question because of course she had a packaged answer – the same one she gave in the last debate.

The question was next addressed to Klobuchar who addressed her record.

Biden rambled on about the problem of mass incarceration that, in part, he created. He also said that records of drug charges should be expunged (his son, Hunter, has one of those records).

Next topic: Mass Shootings. First question brought up Sandy Hook. Gun control, expanded background checks died on the senate floor. Biden takes credit for “bringing the Brady Bill into focus”. That sounded odd because the Brady Bill was full of holes, loopholes. And the question itself was odd because, in the case of Sandy Hook, the guns were legally owned by the shooter’s mother and kept unlocked; she had taught her son how to use them. The problem there was that the son, the shooter, had a mental disability. No gun laws would have had any effect on the Sandy Hook shooting 1.

Moderator to Biden: Why should voters give you another chance? “It went from a cause to a movement. Look what’s happening now. Mothers, the organization, Mothers Against Blacks, Mothers Against Gun Violence.”

clip from the third DNC debste, 25 minutes clip.

This clip does not have Biden’s mind-in-absentia ramble about record players and social workers. Asked about the legacy of slavery, Biden said, toward the end of the ramble:

We bring social workers into homes of parents to help them deal with how to raise their children. It’s not that they don’t want to help, they don’t want, they don’t know quite what to do. Play the radio, make sure the television, excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night, the phone, make sure that kids hear words.
- Joe Biden

After the second debate we said that Joe Biden should drop out of the presidential race due to his baggage from the Obama administration. At the time, we weren’t even thinking about his years as Senator. Now we say he should drop out because he is mentally unfit to be president.

We wonder what if social workers had visited the Biden home in the 1970’s, would it have helped with Biden’s problem child, Robert Hunter Biden, the child who grew up to use cocaine (two public incidents), was attracted to, or attracted, criminal activities (though always disengaging before commiting any crimes himself) and got two waivers to join the U.S. Naval Reserves. We ask, what really happened in the Biden home in the 1970’s?

We are certainly not taking Trump’s side in the Trump-Ukraine incident, but, of the present line-up, Biden is among the three worst choices for the 2020 presidential nomination eg. Yang, Harris, Biden.

  1. one exception might have been the biometric trigger id  ↩

Debate Four

The fourth DNC Debate began with a discussion of The Impeachment. We all know that all the candidates support the work being done on that project. Then Medicare For All.

Economic Inequality

On to income inequality, taxes and the billionaires. The discussion began with Bernie Sanders stating the conditions that the billionaire class have created. Steyer agrees and he is a billionaire. Biden gets confused with this topic. Klobuchar apparently thinks an income tax will solve the problem and Warren sets that idea straight. Some form of wealth tax is inevitable.

DNC Debate 4 - billionaires and taxes

Kurds and Turks

Next was a discussion on the Kurds and the Turks. Agreement that Trump’s actions are deplorable. Buttigeig goes at it with Gabbard, most take his side. Steyer says the common enemy is climate change. Others add that tech catch-up and paper ballots are the solutions to Russia’s interference.

DNC Debate 4 - foreign policy

Gun Control

Domestic issues and gun control. “Hell yes, we are going to take your AK–15, AK–47s,” Beto O’Rourke has said. There are differences in how to go about ending or at least reducing mass murders and gun violence in general. Buttigeig called the statement “a shiny object.” Buttigeig himself was the “shiny object” of the spring of 2019. In the third DNC debate Buttigeig complained of the candidates arguing on stage, now we can call him Pugnacious Pete. “We can’t wait…!” what does Buttigeig mean when he says that, since he is not in Congress making any decisions? Warren mentions that a gun bill in 2013 did not pass because of a fillibuster. Castro mentions police violence. We should expect to hear more on the topic of police violence in the next debate.

DNC Debate 4 - domestic issues, guns
gun display in a walmart, signage over the display reads: Own the School Year Like a Hero
A gun display in a walmart. Text surrounding the image said the photo was taken in Florida, about a year before the Marjorie Stoneham School shooting in Parkland FL. Signage over the display reads: Own the School Year Like a Hero. Photo was posted anonymously. When Massachusetts had sales-tax-free days, guns and ammunition were included.

The Criminals of the Opioid Crisis

The Opioid Crisis. We have a broken government, the end to corporations as people, capitalism run amuck. Remedial proposals. Hold the executives accountable with prison sentences. All are in agreement on this topic.

DNC Debate 4 - opioids

Age and Bernie’s Rally Announcement

Bernie is feeling great, thanks everyone for their support and well-wishes, and announces his upcoming rally (but doesn’t mention the date, so we had to look that up later). Biden, well Biden is in, perhaps well into, early stages of mental collapse (we are not diagnosing but it is quite plain to see and hear). Warren claims she will out organize everyone. When Warren says, “Business as usual,” she means Biden (Joe “nothing would change” Biden). Gabbard wants to know who is fit with military experience and wants to take over the moderator’s position.

DNC Debate 4 - age and Bernie's Rally Announcement

Big Tech

Warren is calling for breaking up big tech. Yang talks, but doesn’t have an idea to offer. Warren makes a case for the breakup, but it is not clear how that would work, what would happen. O’Rourke considers privacy, first time it is mentioned. Bernie says he would appoint an Attorney General who will protect Americans. Zuckerberg made a “ridiculous statement” says Harris (this is not news, but in case you didn’t know… he does this all the time). Harris wants to throw Trump off twitter, insists that Warren agree with her. Warren talks about taking money from big tech. Harris says the money is different. Harris again wants Trump’s account on twitter turned off.

DNC Debate 4 - tech

Getting It Done and Being Vague

Biden says he will probably offend some people here. And he does. He said he will get it done and not be vague. “Who are you saying is being vague?” the moderator asks. Biden rambles on. And Bernie Sanders says:

Joe, you talked about working with Republicans and getting things done, but you know what you also got done, and I say this as a good friend: You got the disastrous war in Iraq done. You got a bankruptcy bill, which is hurting middle class families all over this country. You got trade agreements like NAFTA and PNTR with China done, which have cost us 4 million jobs. Let’s get to Medicare For All. Let’s be honest. We spend twice as much per person as do the people of any other major country on earth. And the answer is if we have the guts, that I would like to see the Democratic Party have the guts, to stand up to the drug companies, and the insurance companies, and tell them that the function of health care is to guarantee care to all people, not to make a hundred zillion dollars in profit. If we stood together, we could create the greatest health care system in the world.
- Bernie Sanders, Fourth DNC Debate

Warren talks about her work on a consumer agency bill which got passed. Biden takes credit for its passing, but he had little to nothing to do with it.

Buttigeig continues with his “how Trump got within cheating distance of the White House” diatribe. Complains about the argument taking place. Again.

Klobuchar has bold ideas, she says, “the only one … who will build a blue wall around those [red] states.” A wall.

Sanders talks about what people want. The way we win, we have to inspire.

DNC Debate 4 - vision

Reproductive Rights

Harris claims she wouid put in place pre-clearance for states that try to interfere with Roe v. Wade. Klobuchar wants to argue with Trump. Booker says the interference is an assault on poverty, would create an office of reproductive freedom and repeal the Hyde Amendment. Gabbard brings up Hilary, would place some limits on abortion.

Buttigeig wants to add justices to the Supreme Court. Others don’t agree. Castro says term limits for justices is the idea he would consider.

DNC Debate 4 - repro

Closing Statements

Who is your friend that would surprise us?

DNC Debate 4 - closing statements

By this time of year, in 2016, three of the six candidates running for president had dropped out.

Debate Five

This debate will likely be the last time ten presidential candidates appear on the same stage in this election cycle. The candidates were, in alphabetical order: Biden, Booker, Buttigieg, Gabbard, Harris, Klobuchar, Sanders, Steyer, Warren, Yang.

On this page Debate Five is in four parts corresponding to the live stream breaks. This one was organized (or disorganized, depending on your perspective) in such a way that, as the debate progressed, a question might be asked of one candidate with one or two responses, then onto the next moderator question.

Part One

DNC Debate 5 - Part One


The debate started with a brief discussion of the impeachment proceedings. Naturally everyone is in favor of it.

Warren: how did the ambassador get there. Money buys its way into Washington. “Anyone who wants to give me a big donation, don’t ask for an ambassadorship.”

Klobuchar - Democracy at stake. Blah, blah, blah.

Buttigieg - The constitution … Blah, blah, blah.

Biden and Son

Biden - Ask yourself … Trump doesn’t want me to be president. I learned a lot … bottom line, ask ourselves…

Harris: Everyone was in the loop.

The Economic Divide

Warren - 2 cents wealth tax. Blah, blah, blah.

Booker - Disagrees with the wealth tax, favors estate tax, grow wealth, fair wages.

Booker and Warren back and forth.

Democratic Infighting

Buttigieg - Switches to Medicare for all WHO WANT IT … Blah, blah, blah.

Mods stay with Medicare For All

Warren - Will defend the Affordable Care Act and then in the third year, ask for a vote on Medicare For All.

Sanders - “The American people understand that the current health care system is not only cruel, it is dysfunctional.”

Medicare For All

Biden claims Medicare For All couldn’t pass.

[With Bernie Sanders as President, it will pass. And there is the problem with Biden: always thinking backwards, not forewards.]

Biden says ACA does not make people choose, claims others make people choose. Ends with, “You have to go Medicare For All.” This is similar to his frequent, “Vote for somebody else.”


Steyer - Build more, Force affordable rents.

Warren - has a plan.

Booker - Gentrification, Refundable Tax Credits for any who pay more than 30% of income for rent. This sounds like a well-intentioned terrible idea.

[PDF] Housing For All

Mr. Sanders introduced the following Bill which was read twice and referred to Committee: [PDF] Green New Deal for Public Housing Act

Homeless - under a Welcome sign a man sleeps on the steps outside a church; photo by Peter Demers

Part Two

DNC Debate 5 - Part Two

Farmer Subsidies

Buttigieg - Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah. Mod: “I need you to answer the question, would you continue farmer subsidies?” Buttigieg: “Yes, but we won’t need them …”


How do we secure leadership and have bi-partisan support?

Tulsi - Blah, blah, blah.

Steyer - Declare a National Emergency.

Biden and Steyer back and forth.

Sanders - I disagree with the way the question was put. “Talking about making climate a national emergency, I have introduced a legislation to do just that. We don’t have decades.”

Foreign Policy

Nuclear Weapons

Would you make concessions to North Korea?

Harris - “Donald Trump got punked.”

Biden - Blah, blah, blah and a little joke from Sanders.

Your First Call With Putin?

Yang - I beat your guy. [Sounds like it’s a game to him.]

On China, Hong Kong

Booker - Scorecard Trump.

Saudi Arabia


Biden - mixes it up.

Klobuchar - we need a new foreign policy.

Sanders - Saudi Arabia is a brutal dictatorship, not a reliable ally. … “We have to understand who our enemies are.” Rethink the war on terror. Same for Israel and treat the Palestinian people with respect.


Only 1% of the population serves in the military - should it be higher?

Warren - Yes, bring in people to work on Federal Lands …

Pentagon budget Ballooned, would you cut military spending?

Buttigieg - We do not have a 21st century security strategy coming from this president.

Part Three

DNC Debate 5 - Part Three

Criminal Justice

Tulsi - end wars and racial injustices, as Commmader in Chief.

on White Supremacists

Yang - many are falling through the cracks.

#MeToo, sex violence, harassment to women

Biden - change the culture, the culture, self defense, will not tolerate, but “keep punching at it.”

On Buttigieg using a stock photo of an African woman portrayed as a U.S. voter.

Harris - I’ll speak “to the larger issue. We need to recreate the Obama coalition to win.”

Buttigieg - Welcomes the challenge of connecting with black voters who don’t know me. Continues with his religious faith.

Harris repeats.

Warren - a specific example - Blah, blah, blah.

Border Wall

Warren - a man made crises.

Booker - War on drugs is a war on black and brown people. Booker snarling, looks mad,

Biden claims he was part of the Obama Coalition. Everyone with a record should be let out of jail. Claims that he is supported by the only black woman elected to the Senate. Harris, “The other one is here.”

Part Four

DNC Debate 5 - Part Four


Kobuchar - Codify Roe v. Wade.

re: John Bel Edwards - room for?

Warren - says what she believes the Democratic party stands for. Does not answer the question and it is repeated. Does not commit.

Sanders - Get the government off the backs of people. This is the time for men to stand with women.

Booker - This is a voter suppression issue.

Voter Suppression

Buttigieg - “use carrots and sticks.”

Klobuchar - Buttigieg “said the right words, but I have the experience.”

Buttigieg - claims to know how to bring people together to get something done.

Tulsi - Mods ask her to keep comments to voter suppression. Doesn’t. Claims Buttigieg wants to send troops to invade Mexico.

Buttigieg - “That’s outlandish.” Buttigieg and Tulsi fight.

Tulsi - Our Commander in Chief does need to have good judgement is right, but “you [Buttigieg] lack the courage to meet with adversaries and allies.”

Sanders - Is the peacemaker. The system is corrupt. 18, you have the right to vote. Overturn Citizens United. Public funding of elections.

Steyer - Need Voter Turn Out. Next Gen.

Closing Statements

Booker - Please help, “We drink deeply from wells we did not dig.”

Steyer - Broken government, spent a decade.

Gabbard - Personal commitment, aloha.

Yang - Here with wife, our kids are not all right, emotional pitch.

Klobuchar - Reminded of a testimony in congress,

Harris - We’re in a fight, go “toe to toe”, “for the people” - remember, as Prosecutor.

Buttigieg - Remarked that we’re in the city of Atlanta, Maynard Jackson.

Sanders - “I am the son…” Cheers.

Let me say a word about myself, unusual as it may seem. I am the son of an immigrant, young man of 17 who came to this country without a nickel in his pocket. I have some sense of the immigrant experience. I will stand with the eleven-million undocumented immigrants in the country. At the age of 21, as a member of the civil rights movement at the University of Chicago, I was arrested; spent the night in jail. I have been against all forms of discrimination, racial discrimination, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and religious bigotry. I will lead an administration that will look like America. I will end the divisiveness brought by Trump and bring us together. During this campaign I am proud to say that I have received more campaign contributions than any candidate at this point in an election in American history - over four-million contributions - (cheers and hoots from the crowd) - averaging eighteen dollars apiece. If you want to be part of a movement, that is not only going to beat Trump, but transform America, that doesn’t have a super pac, doesn’t do fundraisers at wealthy people’s homes, please join us at (more cheers) Thank you.
- Bernie Sanders, Debate 5 closing statement.

Warren - “We should have talked about gun violence.”

Biden - Talked about “Obama and his spotless record.”

Debate Six

In the moments before this debate began - I happened to log in a little early - I heard three of the preliminary speakers. The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, spoke in favor of everything Bernie Sanders is about and asks, “Are you ready to rise up?” [and who later endorsed Biden].

Former U.S. Representative, CA–33, Diane Watson said, “I don’t think Donald Trump has much of a backbone.”

Then Tom Perez spoke. I think we could have done without that lengthy rah-rah. About 75 seconds of him would have been enough.

As the candidates were announced - they were already on stage - all waved except Buttigieg. All the candidates had fresh makeovers this time. This was Hollywood after all.

Now we will proceed with the actual debate, the sixth. The last of 2019, but the debates [were scheduled to] continue monthly for six more months. The candidates were, in alphabetical order, Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Sanders, Steyer, Warren, Yang. And the debate in four sections:

Part One

DNC Debate 6 - Part One


What can you do to make the case that Impeachment was the right thing to do?

Biden - My job is to make the case.

Sanders - We have a president who is a pathologic liar, running the most corrupt administration in the modern history of this country. We have a president who has sold out the working families, and his lies have been documented many thousands of times. (cheers)

Warren - A constitutional moment. We’ve seen the impact of corruption - from tax breaks to ambassadorships.

Klobuchar - The president is not king. We should hear from more witnesses.

Buttigieg - [Buttigieg’s affected loudness has become offensive.] “At the end of the day…” no matter happens in Washington … the impeachment … (the question was what can you do to help convince the people to understand that the impeachment was the right thing.) Does not answer the question regarding what he could do to help convince others.

Steyer - Started an Impeach Trump movement two years ago. Two million signed the petition. Court of public opinion.

Yang - It’s clear why Americans can’t agree because we are getting news from different places, do not trust news media. “The more we see Donald Trump as the problem…” “He’ll be there at the ballot box for all of us to defeat.” (Weird cheers)


Sanders - Not voting for it. It’s a modest improvement, but it’s not going to stop outsourcing. And by the way, climate change is not discussed in this agreement.

Klobuchar - Voting for it. Sanders is correct that it has problems.

A Strong Economy - how?

Buttigieg - People are not getting paid enough.

Yang - 40% of college graduates are doing a job that does not require a college degree.

Warren - Economy works for giant oil companies, but not for everyone else. Need to call it out.

Sanders - Real wages went up last year by 1.1% - that ain’t great.

Tax Increase - Warren, Your plan is especially ambitious.

Warren - They’re just wrong. Invest more in child care - and their mommies and daddies can work harder and longer hours.

Steyer - We will have to take on Trump on the economy. We need a different unconventional way.

Buttigieg - We are being given a false choice - all the way or not at all. No free college for the rich. “Breakout of the Washington mindset that measures the bigness of an idea by how much it increases GDP vs. the boldness of an idea by how many fellow Americans it can antagonize.” [Does this make sense?]

Part Two

DNC Debate 6 - Part Two


Certain places in the country will be uninhabitable. Would you allocate funds to relocate citizens?

Klobuchar - Doesn’t think we’ll need that. Join Paris Agreement. Put a price on carbon.

Steyer - This is my number one priority. A National Emergency. His ideas here sound like Bernie’s ideas. Would call on Buttigieg to prioritize this higher.

Buttigieg - I know what’s at stake. Summon the energy of the entire nation, ideas multiplied by zero unless something gets done.

Would you sacrifice some oil and gas growth for transitioning to a greener economy.

Biden - Store energy in a battery the size of the top of this podium that can store energy for when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining.

Sanders - The issue now is whether we save the planet for our children and grandchildren. I have introduced legislation to do just that - a National Emergency.

Nuclear energy

Warren - Got to stop putting carbon into the air and take some out. Keep some nuclear in place. Innovate our way out of this problem.

Klobuchar - Again with Put a Price on Climate and money will come back. [This is the craziest, most outdated idea of the night.]

Yang - We have already relocated cities. Thinks thorium is the solution.

Steyer - No on nuclear. We already have the technology to produce the energy we need.

Return to normal, Biden?

Biden - With Trump out of the way things aren’t going to change that much. We have to be able to get things done.

Race & Diversity

Yang - Thinks $1k per month will create disposable income for people of color so they can donate to campaigns. [This idea is dumb and misleading since his dividend will not go to the poorest people in the country.]

Sanders - Mods: Senator, the question is about race, can you answer the question in that frame? Bernie: I certainly can. People of color are going to be suffering the most if we do not deal with climate change.

Majority will be black and brown.

Klobuchar - Stop voter purging. Stop gerrymandering.

Foreign Policy


Sanders - We must not only be pro-Israel, but pro-Palestinian as well.

Buttigieg - We are seeing the consequences of this president’s failures, this president’s refusal to lead. It’s not just mockery at a cocktail party.


Warren - We have to close.

Biden - We can close, but you have to have Congressional authority to do it.

China - Should the U.S. boycott the 2022 Olympics in Beijing?

Buttigieg - Any tool ought to be on the table.

Hong Kong

Steyer - We need a good relationship with them.

Collision Course with China?

Biden - They are not going to get any further.

Yang - Has family in Hong Kong. Shocking what is going on there. They are leapfrogging us in AI. International coalition to set technology standards.

Klobuchar - Keep our promises and keep our threats.

Buttigieg - The president is echoing the vocabulary of dictators around the world… blah, blah, blah.

Klobuchar - First Amendment, father was a newspaper man, it’s not just talking points.

Part Three

DNC Debate 6 - Part Three

Obama - women in charge, men get out of the way.

Sanders - Respect for Obama, but disagree. We are living in what is increasingly becoming an oligarchy. Not old or young, male or female.

Biden - He wasn’t talking about me either. I have more experience than anybody else.

Biden: Are you willing to commit to not running a second term?

Biden - No.

Klobuchar - If a night club had those numbers, they’d shut it down.

Warren - Mod: you’d be the oldest to be inaugurated. Warren - I’d also be the youngest woman ever inaugurated. Not to do business as usual. Selfies and I don’t charge $5000 for a selfie.

Buttigieg - Can’t help but feel that might have been directed at me. Trump/they have already $300M. I’m not going to turn away anyone willing to help us.

Warren - The Wine Cave. Buttigieg promised to have open door fundraisers, but this one was closed.

Pete in The Wine Cave
Pete in The Wine Cave

Buttigieg - Issuing purity tests, you yourself cannot pass. We need support.

Warren - I do not sell access to my time. If you can’t stand up when it’s relatively easy, then how can the American people believe you’re gonna stand up to the wealthy when it’s really hard?

Buttigieg - “If you refuse a donation you have no business running for office.” These purity tests shrink the stakes of the most important…

Klobuchar - Did not come here to listen to this argument. Campaign Finance Reform.

Sanders - Again, Sanders is the peacemaker. Sanders has taken no billionaire money. Biden has 44 billionaire contributors, Pete you have only 39, maybe you can catch up.

Biden - Denies that he has taken billionaire bucks, but claims all fundraisers have been open to the public.

Steyer - Take Trump on, on the economy.


A permanent legislative fix for Dreamers?

Yang - This country is misogynist. $1000/month. women wouldn’t have to chase the money tree.

Sanders - Day One, executive order restore DACA, and a path to citizenship for ALL.

Klobuchar -

Compensation for life-long trauma to immigrants

Buttigieg - Yes. Laws and value.


Buttigieg - Yes. We shouldn’t wait. And, for the longer term, we should look at reparations.

Biden - Invest in the nation of immigrants.

Klobuchar - Mayor, you mocked what has been done in Congress. Experience.

Buttigieg - Bigger fish to fry.

Klobuchar - About choosing a president. I respect your military experience, but that’s not what this is about. Track record.

Buttigieg - Capacity to win? Try running in Mike Pence’s Indiana.

Sanders - The Peace Maker. We need a progressive agenda. Voter turn out.

Free College

Warren - 2 cents tax, college for all.

Buttigieg - Plan for free college only up to $150,000 income. But spend the rest on something else. [Few from wealthy families will use the free public college offer.]

Sanders - Cancel all student debt and make college free for all without the bureaucracy of forms and income lines.

Steyer - Yes, we can do free college and provide for those with disability.

Yang - Special needs are the new normal in this country. Freedom Dividend.

Warren - Was a special ed teacher, fully fund IDEA.


Klobuchar - some you voted for including one who just eliminated a part of the ACA.

Klobuchar - Do it right away.

Other litmus tests you would use in appointing judges.

Buttigieg - Personal.


Sanders - We need moral leadership, we need a president who will do everything humanly possible to end all forms of discrimination. We also need health care for everyone, comprehensive health care for everyone.

Warren - Lift up their voices. Will go to the Rose Garden and read the name of those killed in the last year.

Afganistan - we had been mislead, were you, Biden, honest about what you knew.

Biden - Special forces, small footprint.

Mod: but the question was about your time in the White House.

Biden - big mistake, should not have surged

Sanders - you’re also the guy who helped lead us into the war in Iraq. We need to rethink the whole war on terror. End the endless wars.

Mod: you voted for one war.

Sanders - One person was right, Barbara Lee. I was wrong.


Buttigieg - We’re going to leave one way or another. Thought he was the last one, “turning out the lights.”

Health Care

The merits of your plan

Sanders - I think we will pass a Medicare For All Single Payer system at a cost far lower than others say.

Biden - not realistic. expand ACA. choice.

Sanders - Joe, your plan is the status quo. Eliminating the byzantine system.

Biden - Thinks its preposterous.

Sanders - Eliminating co-pays, deductibles.

Klobuchar - No one has a monopoly on bold ideas. A public option, a non-profit option.

Sanders - my fight is with the greed of the drug companies and the insurance companies.

Warren - Cost - people with insurance can’t afford medicare. Opt-in.

Forgive or gift

Yang - Wow. Breaks down. A copy of my book.

Buttigieg - Love data and books. But does not answer/respond to the question.

Warren - Forgiveness. I get really worked up. What happens when you do a hundred thousand selfies with people…

Biden - We all want the same thing. You’re not the only one who does selfies. Discusses what he has done, does not answer/respond to the question.

Sanders - The gift is a different vision, to create a nation based on love and compassion, not greed and hate. A decent standard of living. An new vision.

Klobuchar - Forgiveness. I can be blunt. Something else going on - a decency check, a values check, a patriotism check.

Steyer - The gift of teamwork, how are we going to going to stand up together. Freedom, equality, teamwork.

Part Four

DNC Debate 6 - Part Four -Closing Statements

Closing statements

Steyer - Different from everyone else on this stage. Corporations have bought our government.Climate #1 priority.

Yang - I know what you’re thinking America. How am I still here. The dividend.

Klobuchar - I want to debate Donald Trump.

Buttigieg - So the nominee is gonna have to do two things. Defeat Trump and unite the country. Crisis of belonging.

Warren - A dark moment in America. Not working for milionaires and billionaires.

Sanders - Forty-five years, great speeches, but not making a nickel more. Real change takes place from the bottom up, not from the top down. Let’s transform this country.

Biden - Who can deliver? Who has the best chance? Who can unite. Who can deliver on getting things done.

Debate Seven

Between Debate Six and Debate Seven three candidates dropped out from the presidential competition. Marianne Williamson dismissed all of her campaign staff on New Year’s Eve. She stated that she was not dropping out, but staying in the race with volunteers and yoga mats. In any case, on January 02, 2020, she did give up. Then there was Julián Castro who dropped out the next day. Castro was the weakest candidate (when there were 10 candidates on stage), so I don’t think he will be missed. However he was determined to keep his name in lights, dim though they became, when, shortly after, he subsequently endorsed Eliz-hiss-abeth Warren, and her polling plummeted. I do not think anyone who worked in the Obama administration in any capacity has any business running for president in 2020.

Cory Booker crashed out of the presidential competition. He has not (so far) announced his running to keep his Senator position.

And finally, we have a debate without Andrew Yang. Yang may have brought some interesting ideas to the stage, none of them original, but he is among the most dishonest and uninformed candidates, constantly misleading people with his claims.

Between Debate Six and Debate Seven a refund brigade started, beginning with Pete Buttigieg after the Wine Cave exposé in Debate Six.

Refund Pete
Refund Pete

In the middle of this Debate the Warren campaign began getting refund requests.

Warren refund request
Warren refund request
Six hours after the Debate, #RefundWarren was trending
Six hours after the Debate, #RefundWarren was trending
Warren refund receipt
Warren refund receipt

On the day of the debate - before the debate - Krystal Ball on Rising gave the following explanation of what occurred over the previous weekend, calling it “sordid and disgraceful tale”.

Krystal Ball - Rising/Hill TV January 14, 2020

While waiting for the debate to begin, let’s review some of Joe Biden’s record.

Joe Biden Senate speeches on budget

The above video are clips. Here is the full rambling speech from one of those clips.

Joe Biden - including everything ramble speech

“If I say to you that Joe Biden said on many occasions we should cut Social Security, am I right or wrong?… I think the answer is obvious. Many many times he has said that. That’s not debatable. Go to the Congressional Record1 he has said it. You can argue about one video, but the real issue is Joe voted for the balanced budget amendment (which cut Social Security). There is nothing wrong with talking about our records. His record on many issues– Iraq, trade, bankruptcy, Social Security– is different than mine and I don’t think that it is wrong to be talking about that.”
- Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders 100% True

The Debate

In the other debates covered on moderators were not named, but in this case, let them introduce themselves, and the candidates. The Intros:

Debate Seven, Part One

Bernie Sanders on NAFTA 2.0

The Debacle of This Debate

The Debacle of This Debate

Debate Seven, Part Two

Part Two - Medicare For All, insurance, prescriptions, child care, College For All, student debt

JI (interviewer): But if your employer cancels that plan, then you don’t get it, you don’t have that choice.
JB (Joe Biden): No, you don’t have the choice, but you had the choice to — that’s why — I’m not saying, I said, if you like your plan, you can keep it, assuming — I should add the obvious — if your employer doesn’t take it away from you, O.K.?

NYT interviewer to Joe Biden: You’ve expressed very little interest in entertaining millenials’ concerns and complaints about the problems that they face, whether it’s student debt [Biden laughs] well, you have said, “I have no empathy for it. Give me a break.”

Debate Seven - closing statements

Bernie Sanders Debate 7 Green New Deal segment

On January 16th Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti on Rising/Hill TV brought forth an update on the Debacle of Debate Seven.

Krystal Ball - Rising/Hill TV January 14, 2020

Krystal Ball - Rising/Hill TV January 16, 2020 - The Hot Mic

(This also means that Steyer lied when asked by CNN pundits after the debate whether he had heard what they said. He answered no, but it is obvious that he was close enough to have heard what was said.)

  1. Congressional Record 1995–11–16, pdf Biden’s speech begins at the bottom of the second column on page one.  ↩

Debate Eight

In the televised pre-debate we again get buffoon Tom Perez spewing insincere nothings while ABC showed a split screen. On the half that was not Tom Perez there was Bernie Sanders disembarking transportation and, taking Jane Sanders' hand, walking toward the venue entrance.

ABC moderators are at least civilized. We saw a blurb stating a wish that all the Debates be moderated by ABC. We think at least one network should be banned from moderating any future political debate. We have other ideas about how future political debates could be conducted; more on that another time.

Debate Eight Introductions

DNC Debate Eight Introductions

Yang dances onto the stage as if he is entering a prize fighter ring.

Debate Eight Part One

First question was for Biden - What did voters miss if they nominate Sanders or Buttigieg? Andrew Yang twirls a pen while Biden talks. How do we bring the party together? Yang, 1k a month. Warren, political corruption. Buttigieg, more Trump, then tries to slay Sanders. Excellent opening for Bernie Sanders. Biden, how much is it gonna cost? ACA is a crazy system that offers partial health care for anyone desperate for health insurance. Biden attaches himself to "if you want it." Klobuchar says Medicare For All "kicks" people off insurance, goes back to the 2009 Medicare For All plan which did mandate non-for-profit health providers. Buttigieg lies about his position on health care.

Klobuchar shines with a club for Buttigieg; he "wanted to watch cartoons" while the Senate impeachment trial was taking place. Steyer wants to fight Trump on the economy. Buttigieg goes back again to Trump. Buttigieg is exhausted, in his own words.

As Buttigieg continues to use Trump whenever he doesn't have a genuine response, Yang has something to say: our problems did not start with Trump, and continues with Rev. Barber's comment that Trump is a symptom.

Debate Eight Part One

Debate Eight Part Two

Debate Eight Part Two

Buttigieg on South Bend Criminal Justice

Buttigieg on South Bend Criminal Justice

Bernie Sanders on trade agreements and NAFTA 2.0

Bernie Sanders on trade agreements and NAFTA 2.0

Debate Eight Closing

Debate Eight Closing statements, in honor of Cokie Roberts, addressing the topic of childhood poverty.

After Debate Eight Comments From ABC Pundits

Comments from ABC pundits following the eigth DNC debate.

Four Directions Native American Peoples Forum

Joe Biden did not participate in this forum. Ten other candidats did: Williamson, Warren, Klobuchar, Bullock, Sestak, Harris, Charles, Castro, deBlasio, and Sanders.

Bernie Sanders at Four Directions
Bernie Sanders at Four Directions