Bernie Sanders on the GND with Jimmy Fallon

Bernie Sanders explaining the why of the Green New Deal and his proposals to transform the country and planet - with Jimmy Fallon.

Fire Drill Fridays

Jane Fonda did a TED with Pat Mitchell and all but said “Bernie Sanders”. In the talk she did mention Sen. Ed Markey and later publicly endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.

Why I protest for climate justice - Jane Fonda, Pat Mitchell.

In Costa Rica

A 10 year old climate activist started a climate protest in Costa Rica.

A 10-year old starts a climate protest in Costa Rica

Consider the Impact of Climate Change

What ocean microbes reveal about our changing climate - Angelicque White

This is just the beginning of our climate material. Check back as I continue to add more. Some of it will be contained within the Debates and Forums section. There were Climate Forums and The Climate Summit which will be added shortly.