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These are the things you think about - Arctic melting, oceans rising, extreme weather, warmer temperatures, mass migrations - when you see the words Green New Deal. But the Green New Deal was a Resolution presented in Congress that outlined a few things that Congress should study and take upon itself to enact some legislation in these areas. We have made a separate section for climate specific content.

When I first heard about the Green New Deal and looked for it, what I found was a lengthy publication published in 2012 for the European Union and England. Eventually I did find the one sponsored by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Edward Markey. At its core it is an economic and infrastructure revitalization plan for America. It isn't a detailed plan, it's an outline and it's based on ideas in Franklin Delanor Roosevelt's New Deal of the 1930s in the midst of the Great Depression.

Today, in the second half of 2020, things are even worse than they were in 1930s or they are heading there rapidly. The Green New Deal will require investment from the Federal government. There is work to be done - everywhere you look in America things are falling apart, or have already fallen apart. There are cities without drinkable water. Roads, bridges, and public transportation are crumbling. Internet service is among the most expensive in the world and it is among the worst service in the world with data caps, throttling, and contracts that make no sense; not to mention the data collection in every box.

To address all of this Bernie Sanders team put together a collection of detailed proposals, collectively The Green New Deal of 2020.

It includes:

Housing For All

Broadband For All

and several other components which we will add here in the coming days.

FAQ on the Green New Deal by AOC

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