Write-in Bernie Sanders

Forty-three states provide write-in space on thir ballots. The states outlined in Orange do not provide write-in space. Write-in Bernard Sanders
Forty-three states provide write-in space on thir ballots. The states outlined in Orange do not provide write-in space. Write-in Bernard Sanders

The truth about the lies.

Bernie Sanders’ Labor Day Address

It is now days away from the November 3rd election. Anyone who tells you that a vote for anyone other than Biden is a vote for Trump is wrong. Barbara Bush famously said that her husband lost re-election because of Ross Perot (to David Letterman on his late night tv show). A vote for anyone other than Trump is a vote Trump does not get. A write-in vote for Bernard Sanders is the most sensible thing we can do. It is understandable that some of you will vote Green Party, but consider - especially if you are voting early - if Biden became incapacitated before November 3rd, Bernie would be the nominee in place.

Here is Bernie’s Labor Day Address. In it he talks about the “Hero’s Act” which was passed in May 2020 by the House. By Labor Day nothing had been done about it in the Senate. It is now two months later and still nothing has been done. Vote D down ballot this time, even as the two-party system is coming to an end. In the Labor Day address Bernie continues on to talk about Joe Biden; we stopped the audio before that begins because Biden and his campaign has already “walked back” those promises. Joe Biden is dishonest through and through and so is Kamala Harris.

Bernie Sanders’ Labor Day Address

Below is our original statement on writing-in Bernie. Please also read our About page and the updated How To page for sample ballots. Thank you.

You Wanted Bernie

You wanted Bernie. Most of you. I can theorize on percentages, but that can wait. Right now, I want you to know: You Can Write-in Bernie Sanders in 43 states on your November ballot.

That’s all I wanted to tell you, but some whys and hows and whats are expected, and very much needed.

Bernie had thousands, tens of thousands of people turn out for his rallies. Bernie was winning in the primaries - until the establishment saw that Bernie’s winning streak was going to be non-stop unless they did something. The establishment was desparate. They did something. And it didn’t take much for nearly all of the remaining candidates to dropout and another couple of crooked politicians to rig what remained. But Bernie won Nevada by a landslide, and California, and Colorado.

I’m not saying Bernie’s campaign wasn’t at fault in some of this. No doubt some of the people in the campaign worked hard and with integrity. The events coordinators deserve kudos - the rallies were fantastic and the town halls were what people needed. And the thousands of volunteers who worked hard, gave up parts of their lives, and possibly spent more on the campaign than will ever be accounted for. Other parts of the campaign seemed disorganized. I don’t know names, but I’ll call out the tech team there. And the volunteer coordination machine as about as out of touch as any corporate customer service department. So, when Bernie said he was suspending his campaign, I thought - Ok, they weren’t doing him much good for him anyway and with coronavirus in the air there wouldn’t be anymore rallies or town halls.

When five days later Bernie announced his endorsement of Biden, I can understand how people felt betrayed, or worse, about Bernie. But you have to understand how Bernie is. It’s still a two-party world we live in, in the U.S. What other choice did he have? It was too late to join or form a third party. He hoped that Biden could be persuaded to embrace some of his platform. I believe in his heart of hearts Bernie Sanders regrets endorsing Biden now. He can’t tell you that. Bernie is loyal. Bernie will never deliberately hurt anyone.

Since then Bernie has not stopped working for Us. He’s gone all digital with his communications holding Fireside Chats, Virtual Town Halls, Streaming Roundtables, raised funds for Covid–19 food banks and PPE, endorsed and supported several progressive “down-ballot” candidates - and continued to fight for us in the Senate. Here’s Bernie fighting for us on one of the Covid–19 relief bills, the one where The People get something (the $600 unemployment add-on and the $1200 supplement) and the republicans wanted to cut that out.

Bernie Sanders on the Senate floor March 25, 2020

We come now to the present moment. Joe Biden will never be president of the United States. I don’t care how much the vote-blue people push it, or how afraid of Trump the Democratic Establishment tries to make us feel, it is not going to work. Joe Biden will never be president of the United States. I am not worried about Trump. The down-ballot progressive elections are looking good and Trump won’t be enabled to wreak more havoc on the country. And it won’t be long into Trump’s second term, if that happens, when a more grounded, more serious impeachment will be underway. Joe Biden’s selection of running mate only reaffirms and solidifies my conviction that Joe Biden will never be president of the United States.

Where does that leave Us? I will never vote for either Trump or Biden. Neither will many, many other People. We have another option. Like Bernie, I am loyal. I am still loyal to Bernie. I still love Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders will be an excellent president. It’s not that I’ll benefit from a lot of his platform right away. The society as a whole will benefit and everyone’s lives will improve. It’s that I’d like to see one honest president at least once in my lifetime.

I decided that I needed to get the word out as much as I could about “Write-in Bernie” and make it a movement.

More later.

We would appreciate any help - now, for the first time ever - I've signed-up for and placed a donation button here. Funds will be used for website fees, printing flyers and cards, and mailing some of them, and possibly travel to help with the GOTV effort. If there is enough in donations I'll look into some paid placements. But you can help by spreading the word about Writing In Bernie Sanders on the November 2020 ballot.

For DIYers, we have a new card available as a 10-up sheet PDF and a t-shirt transfer. Photos coming. Ask for them - im4bernie@writeinbernie.us