DNC Fraud Now and Then

I remember the moment I heard the announcement that Bernie Sanders would not be the Democratic nominee in 2016. I was a passenger in a car going to the grocery store. The driver had the radio on. The announcement came on the radio during that short trip. My eyes watered. I didn’t want to cry. I held back the tears. The radio announcer interviewed someone at the convention who said Hillary would have to “earn” her vote, the interviewee’s name might have been Heather.

Then there was Michael Moores’ narration of the states nominations showing how the whole thing was a fraud. The whole production was corrupt. The establishment decided who they wanted.

Michael Moore narrates delegate fraud at the 2016 DNC

The people wanted Bernard Sanders – then and now. It’s 2020. A pandemic rages on. We know who got the people’s votes in the primary, including where there was election fraud. As the roll call went on, state by state, August 18, 2020, tears began streaming, mixed with a feeling of sick. In states where Bernie won the highest number of primary votes, delegates went to Biden. In California, for example, three times as many primary voters voted for Bernie Sanders over Joe Biden. I wondered how many people bought the DNC’s program of propaganda.

I understand – Bernie suspended his campaign in April. And Bernie endorsed Biden. But Bernie also said, “If I ever tell you how to vote, don’t listen to me.” This is that time. And we the people do not need accept the corporate dictate. We can Write-in Bernie and please do.

More later.