State by State Voting Information

During the pandemic we are all currently living through, voting regulations are changing rapidly. It's difficult for any one website to provide up-to-date information for each state. There is a website that attempts to do this for us, but better still, they also include a link for each state's election office so you can check the latest information online if you need to.

State by state COVID-19 voting information.

The information may be better than what your mail-in ballot pack provides. I received an incomplete mail-in ballot pack with an instruction sheet that had no contact information on it whatsoever. I knew where the local election office was because I went there in person – this was pre-pandemic – to have my voter registration information corrected. The first thing they said was, "that's not our department." I had to restate the issue and tell them, "this is the election office and I need this corrected." And then they did correct the issue. Screw ups are everywhere and no one, no office, no governmental body, no organization seems to care or take responsibility.

We must be vigilant if we are going to change anything.