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T-shirt transfers

Write In Bernie T-shirts
Write In Bernie T-shirts

T-shirts with Write-in Bernie imprint: Bernie iconic outline with “MEDICAREFORALL, GREENNEWDEAL, JUSTICE” inside Bernie’s head and Bernie2020 mini logo on the eyeglass lenses; the url “”, 43 states accept write-in, and hashtag #writeinbernie

Another photo of Write In Bernie T-shirts
Another photo of Write In Bernie T-shirts

We made several more since these first three. I am not selling the t-shirts or using a print-on-demand service, but will send out the image for DIYers to print on shirts (or something else?).

We made minor changes to the design of these since taking these photos. We are now putting “Write-in Bernard Sanders” at the top. New photos to come.

Want these images to print? Send us an email

We also have the single line "" for t-shirt printing - five on a sheet. If you want these for window display, we have that too.

This is the single line 5 on one sheet to cut and iron-on transfer for T-shirts
This is the single line "" 5 on one sheet to cut and iron-on transfer for T-shirts

Higher resolution graphics available. Let us know what you need.

Write-in Bernie cards

Here is a PDF for a 10 card sheet on standard 8.5x11 paper or card stock. This will work on pre-perforated cards or print and cut on whatever paper or card stock you have.

I’ll even customize these for you if you want to include another detail or two. Email

Save/download: Write-in Bernie cards PDF


There’s a petition on Roots Action to help spread the message about writing in Bernard Sanders. Please sign it if you’re on board with writing in Bernard Sanders for President on your 2020 ballot.

We do not want anyone to vote for Trump, but 40–60 per cent will. That leaves 40–60 per cent for Biden and everyone else. Many will not vote because the choices are unpleasant. Biden lies as much as Trump, and has already “walked back” on some campaign promises and hints that more walk-backs are to come. Main stream media is not reporting it, but there are people who have already committed to writing in Bernard Sanders on the November 2020 ballot, and some will be voting for the Green Party and others. We believe that this equates to an unlikely win for Joe Biden.

We want Bernie Sanders. We wanted Bernie and still want Bernie. Bernie is The Peoples’ Choice. If enough people write-in Bernie, he could be our President. And, even if he doesn’t win, his name on ballots all across the U.S. will send a strong message to politicians that we want Bernie’s platform now.