Don't "Stop Bernie"

The 2020 Election was rigged before the primaries and caucuses began.

Steven Rattner explains "Stop Bernie" was in place before the first caucus.

In this video the word "activist" is misappropriated and applied to what we would call "political operatives". And his "friends" – who were they? Let's look.

Steven Rattner was Barack Obama's car czar. His department lost $11.2 billion dollars of taxpayer money on the General Motors bailout, not counting salaries for 14 people in the car czar department. Both GM and Chrysler CEOs flew to Washington on private jets. Steven Rattner is investment advisor to Mike Bloomberg. And political analyst for MSNBC. With friends like that what would you expect but that "Stop Bernie" was underway before the first caucus.

In all the time, before Super Tuesday, I was talking to people about Bernie Sanders, on the street talking to anyone and everyone, only one individual said they were "for Biden". One other person asked, "What about Biden." A few people said they were for Warren and I must admit, several people said they were for Trump. Everyone else said either they were for Bernie or wanted to know more about Bernie's ideas. Biden was not The People's choice, he never was; he was the establishment's choice.

This is the transcript of the above video:

The more that Bernie Sanders rises the more, and I see this now very much happening already among my activist democratic friends, the more people are getting scared about a Bernie Sanders candidacy. For two reasons, first because they think he'll lose, and second if he wins, he'll implement the kinds of policies that I outlined a few minutes ago, which are so far away from the center of the democratic party. So there's a lot of activity around trying to quote Stop Bernie, although it isn't called by that just yet. And Mike Bloomberg could well play a role in that as an alternative to Bernie Sanders. But as you also point out, for that to happen, Biden has to, in effect, not do as well as people expect. Whether it's second third or fourth, Biden has to weaken in the course of these first four early primaries. If Biden wins Iowa and then New Hampshire, let's say, he's obviously strong in Nevada and South Carolina it may well be game over.

How long will we accept this corruption? How long will we follow along with the establishment, its corporate backers, banks, fossil fuel industry, prison and military industries, big pharma and the insurance companies?

We can stop any time. And now is a good time to stop following orders from the establishment and do something different. This is my mission right now: to convince you that writing in Bernard Sanders is the better choice over voting for Biden or any other option that may come up. None other those other options will result in a win for The People. Everyone knows Bernie. Bernie is the only candidate for president who never accepted a penny from a corporation. Bernie will never sell you out.

Please write in Bernard Sanders for President on your November Federal Ballot.